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Throughout the history of the C&MA various types of ministry have been open to the appointment of women. The following statement is presented to inform women who are in our colleges and seminaries, or are considering training, of the types of opportunity for service available to them within The Alliance.

Within the United States the positions where women may serve include:

  • Deaconess
  • Minister of Christian Education
  • Evangelist
  • Youth Director
  • Director of Music
  • Church Secretary
  • Business Administrator
  • Multicultural Ministries Missionary
  • Institutional Chaplain
  • College and Seminary faculties
  • Director or Teacher in a Christian School

Such positions will vary with the position description as negotiated at the time of appointment. A particular ministry description, for example, may include some of the following types of ministries and the degree of involvement expected: preaching, visitation of church families, new-contact visitation, evangelistic visitation, counseling, women’s work of various kinds, children’s work, Bible classes, ministry to shut-ins, youth work, Christian education, prayer meetings, teacher training, and discipleship programs. Certain positions require professional preparation other than for the gospel ministry, and at the time of appointment specific duties for these should be determined in the position description.

Women missionaries serving under International Ministries are given specific field assignments. They are expected to learn the language and engage in active ministry in keeping with the principal objectives of winning adults to Christ and establishing churches wherever converts are won.

The actual type of ministry for women may vary from country to country, depending on such factors as local culture, national church recommendations, opportunities, and qualifications.

The following categories of ministry are examples of the many opportunities available to women missionaries serving overseas:

  • *General evangelism
  • Assist national workers to open or develop new churches
  • *Disciple new converts
  • *Teach Bible classes for all age groups
  • *Train laypeople in evangelism
  • *Teach and supervise Theological Education by Extension programs
  • *Teach in a Bible school or seminary
  • *Train workers in child evangelism
  • Clinic or hospital work
  • Train national nurses
  • Secretarial and bookkeeping work
  • General literature ministry
  • Translation of the Scriptures and other gospel literature
  • Literacy work
  • Teach in a missionary children’s school
  • Serve as dorm parent in an MK school
  • Teach English as a second language in conjunction with an evangelistic program
  • Operate a guest home or business agency

* Indicates that these categories of ministry are also types of ministries engaged in by women missionaries under Multicultural Ministries.

Following is the official statement on Women in Ministry reprinted from the Manual of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, H1, Statement on Church Government, 4. Form of Government, d. Local Church, (5):

Women may fulfill any function in the local church which the senior pastor and elders may choose to delegate to them consistent with the Uniform Constitution for Accredited Churches and may properly engage in any kind of ministry except that which involves elder authority.

(C&MA Board of Directors, 1981)


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