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Days of Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Seldom will we see a sadder wreck of even the highest, noblest Christian character than when the enemy has succeeded in undermining the simple trust of a child of God and lured him into self-accusation and condemnation. it is a fearful place when the believer allows Satan to take the throne and act as God, sitting in judgment oil his every thought and act and keeping him in the darkness of ceaseless condemnation. Well indeed has the Apostle told us to hold firmly the shield of faith!

This is Satan's objective point in all hi upon us, to destroy Our trust. if he can get us to lose our simple confidence in God, he knows that he will soon have us at his feet.

For the Christian who has known the sweetness of God's love to lose his perfect trust in God is enough to wreck both reason and life. Let us hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of [our] hope firm unto the end.

Fear not to take your place

With Jesus on the throne,

And bid the powers of earth and hell,

His sovereign sceptre own.


Hold fast the confidenceHebrews 3:6


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