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Days of Heaven on Earth

Sunday, April 14, 2019

A true and pure Christian life attracts the world. Men and women find no inducement whatever in the lives of mediocre Christians to interest them in practical religion, but they may be won at once by a true and victorious example. Men of the world tend to step directly into a life of entire consecration rather than into the intermediate state which is usually presented to them by the witnessing Christian.

There was a man, a very prominent citizen, who for half a century or more had lived without Christ. He was a man in public life, a man of irreproachable character and manners, a man of lofty intellect. Although he displayed a most winning spirit, he was utterly out of sympathy with the Christian life. At the close of a service for the promotion of deeper spiritual life, he stood to ask the prayers of the congregation, and before the end of the week he was himself a true and acknowledged follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He had said, as he went home following the service, "If that is the religion of Jesus Christ, I want it."


I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto meJohn 12:32


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