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Days of Heaven on Earth

Saturday, April 20, 2019

It is easy for water to run down from the upper springs, but it requires a divine impulse for it to flow up from the valley in the subterranean springs. There is nothing that tells more of Christ than to see a Christian rejoicing and cheerful in the humdrum and routine of commonplace work. He or she is like the sailors who stand on the dock loading their vessel and singing as they swing their loads. The praiseful Christian is keeping time in spirit with the footsteps and movements of labor and duty.

No one has a sweeter or higher ministry for Christ than men and women at their regular occupations who can carry the light of heaven in their faces all day long. Certain sea fowl can plunge beneath the ocean's surface and come forth without one drop of water adhering to their beautiful plumage, burnished breasts and glowing wings. On their feathers is a subtle oil that keeps the water from sticking. So, thank God, we too may be anointed with the Holy Spirit to the extent that sin, sorrow and defilement will not adhere to us. Instead, we shall pass through every sea as the ship passes through the waves-in, but above the floods around us.


There they dwelt with the king for his work1 Chronicles 4:23


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