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Days of Heaven on Earth

Friday, July 12, 2019

Consecration is entered into by an act of faith. We are to take sanctification as a gift from God, believing and confessing that we have it. We must step out on it firmly. We must let the devil also know we have it. When once we tell the Lord, boldly, "I am yours, "He answers back from the heavenly heights, "You are Mine, and the echoes go ringing down through all our lives, "Mine!" "Yours!"

If you dare confess Christ as your Savior and Sanctifier, He has bound Himself to make these truths a reality. But you must stand behind His mighty Word. It is the essence of testimony to tell what Jesus has promised to become to you. It is right to have a glorious word of testimony. God would have us put our seal on the promises and lift up our hands and acknowledge them as ours.

Then you are to ignore the old life and reckon it no longer yours-even if it should return to trouble you again. Every time it appears say, "This is from the underworld. I am sitting in the heavenly places with Christ."


When ye pray, believe that ye receiveMark 11:24


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