Tozer Devotional

Sun, May 17, 2020

Saying Goodbye to the Rut

Jesus gives the story of the man who was covetous and lost his soul. So do not be covetous—-be generous. Do not be stingy, but be free with your money. Do not be afraid—thank the Lord, trust Him and put fear away. These are examples of the constituted means of faith and obedience. We sing this and do not know we are singing it: "Trust and obey, for there's no other way/ To be happy in Jesus, But to trust and obey." We sing that, but we have sung it so long that we might as well sing Mother Goose rhymes, because we do not know what we are singing. Some of us are down in a spiritual rut, the old routine. Nothing has any taste to it. Some churches try to handle that by pandering to the situation, bringing in every kind of weird claptrap in order to get some of the poor half-dead people to get a little taste again. We have God. We have Christ. We have truth. We have a world needing help. We have the saints, and we have the power of prayer. We have the joy of obedience and we have the sweet wonder of His presence. We have the joy of Christian song. We have all this and we do not need garbage. We have God. All we have to do is trust in His Son Jesus Christ and obey the truth, and the Lord will manifest Himself, show Himself through the lattice.


. . . I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of (The Message). John 10:10


Spiritual reality eludes us when we merely play Christian and dip our toes in the water from the shore. Let's jump into His fullness, holding nothing back. Then we will know Him and grow in Him.


O God, forgive me for living like a spiritual pauper when You want me to have life to the full. I'm going to follow You, in Christ's enablement.

“What I believe about God is the most important thing about me.”

A. W. Tozer, a modern day prophet, was a key figure in The Christian and Missionary Alliance. His legacy reaches through time and has impacted countless millions. A prolific author and pastor, Tozer was known for his emphasis on the deeper life movement. His message, informed as it was by A.B. Simpson the founder of The Alliance, brought the missionary call to a massive audience. A series of his sermons are available as audio files.

bookHis books have been published around the world and in many languages. This devotional was compiled from the Rut, Rot or Revival Chapter Five - Getting Out of the Rut


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