The 40 Days of Prayer 2013

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Join in prayer for the work of The Alliance.

Join the Alliance worldwide family for 40 days of prayer, leading up to the C&MA’s General Council 2013.

In conjunction with the National Day of Prayer, Alliance 40 Days of Prayer will begin May 2.

During this time, we will focus daily on prayer and read selected passages from Acts and Psalms. We also will meditate on personal thoughts about prayer and the deeper life written by C&MA family members from around the world.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check it each day for the index of daily readings. Follow the links to view and comment on what God is teaching you related to each topic.

Day Forty - Simpson on Jesus's Prayer in the Garden

by Amy Roedding

Day Thirty-Nine: A Spirit of Unity

by Amy Roedding

Day Thirty-Eight - Tozer on Prayer Changes the Man

by Amy Roedding

Day Thirty-Seven: The Herrnhut Factor

by John Soper

Day Thirty-Six: Naturalists or Supernaturalists?

by David Lauffer

Day Thirty-Three: "Your Prayer, Our Power"

by Yeng Her

Day Thirty-Two: Pray for LIFE Conference and Envision Conference in St. Louis

by Amy Roedding

Day Thirty: Simpson on "Ask, Seek, Knock"

by Amy Roedding

Day Twenty-nine: Fresh Perspective

by mikethenc1

Day Twenty-Eight: Tozer on Overcoming Distractions

by Amy Roedding

Day Twenty-six: Who Do You Trust?

by Mark Failing

Day Twenty-five: Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

by Amy Roedding

Day Twenty-four: Seeing God in the Present Moment

by Ronald Walborn

Day Twenty-three: Keep in Step with the Spirit!

by Richard Herring

Day Twenty-One: Leading by Interceding

by Dan Wetzel

Day Twenty: Praying According to God’s Will

by WilliamAPaul

Day Nineteen: Learning How To Dance

by JoshuaVang

Day Eighteen -

by Amy Roedding

Day Seventeen - Our Biggest Prayer Challenge: Waiting

by Bob Fetherlin

Day Sixteen - Recognizing the Presence of God in Daily Living

by Jeff Williams

Day Fifteen - Prayer makes a difference

by vneigenfind

Day Fourteen - In the presence of Christ

by neigenfind

Day Thirteen - Abiding is Critical to Praying

by Chris Braun

Day Twelve : Prayer Lies

by MrsKate

Day Eleven - Pray for North and West Africa

by Amy Roedding

Day Ten - Why is prayer so hard?

by Tim Meier

Day Nine - Mobile Prayer Closet

by Bill Kuhn

Day Eight - Prayer Assignments

by Gordon Roedding

Day Seven - I Do Not Know How This Works!

by Ronald Morrison

Day Six - Praying Scripture back to God

by waynemi

Day Five: Monday Morning Prayer

by Gary Benedict

Day Four - Prayer for the next generation!

by Amy Roedding


by David Goodin

Day One: The River of Water

by Linda

40 Days of a United Prayer Community Starts Thursday!!!

by Amy Roedding

How does this work?

by Marvin Harrell

40 Days of a United Prayer Community

by Amy Roedding

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