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Arriving in 1923, Alliance missionaries were the first long-term Protestant workers to enter Cambodia, and Alliance efforts grew into the one of the nation’s largest evangelical communities, the Khmer Evangelical Church.

Alliance missionaries were evacuated from Cambodia in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge came to power. By the end of 1979, 80 percent of Cambodian believers had been martyred during the horrors of Pol Pot’s Killing Fields. From the small seed of some 2,000 remaining believers, the evangelical Church in Cambodia has since grown to more than 200,000 believers.

Nonetheless, Christians in Cambodia number less than 2 percent of the population. More than 75 percent of Cambodia’s 14,000 villages do not yet have any Christian presence. The needs for evangelism and church planting in this war-ravaged country remain great. Grinding poverty for the vast majority of people, which leads to health and social problems, continues to be a major challenge. To these ends, Alliance workers and their national partners are involved in training church leaders, youth ministry, discipleship ministries, planting new churches, medical work, and church-based community development to help meet the spiritual, nutritional, medical, literacy, educational, and AIDS-related needs of local communities.

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Field Office Information

C&MA Field Entry in 1923

Field Director:
Mailing Address:
c/o CAMA Services PO Box 118
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

National Church

Khmer Evangelical Church: 65 organized churches, 157 unorganized groups, 24 ordained ministers, and 4,348 baptized members

Team Initiatives

  • Plant churches among the Khmer, Vietnamese, Jarai, Bunong, Kachok, Kuy, Tumpuen, and other minority groups in Cambodia.
  • Strengthen our ministries to train church leaders in both the rural and urban context.
  • Significantly impact the spiritually and physically needy through medical ministry.
  • In cooperation with the national C&MA church, develop Cambodian church-planters who will impact Cambodia far and wide.
  • Translate the New Testament into both the Bunong and Kuy languages.

A Vibrant Faith

2014-04-24 06:00:31

By Soeuth and Syna Lao, serving in Cambodia

When Lena’s husband tried to kill her with an axe, believers throughout Cambodia rallied around her and her three daughters. Her story made national news, and non-Christians were amazed by the compassionate care demonstrated by God’s people. The following is an adapted excerpt from the Laos’ recent newsletter.

Alliance people have been praying faithfully for Lena and her family, and we want to update you on their situation. In February, Lena traveled to Phnom Penh to undergo reconstructive surgery on her left eye; she will need cosmetic surgeries as well.

During a women’s seminar in Poipet, Lena was excited to be part of the group. Her oldest daughter, Danaat, a beauty school student, also is passionate about the Lord. Moved by the outpouring of love shown her family during her mother’s ciris, Danaat’s faith continues to soar. She is grateful for what God is doing in her life and tells everyone she meets about Jesus. During the evening meal when we ask about her day, Danaat recounts the many opportunities she had to share the good news at school.

On Thursdays after class, Danaat often invites to our home friends to whom she has been witnessing. They chat with us, asking questions about Christianity. Though no one has made a decision for Christ yet, their strong interest is noticeable. We often give Danaat tracts to share with her friends.

Danaat has enrolled in a discipleship class. Also, she participated in the recent National KEC (Khmer Evangelical Church) Youth Conference in Kampong Cham Province. This was her first time attending this event.

Please pray for Lena’s complete healing from her injuries. Also, pray that Danaat will continue to grow in her faith and witness.

We are grateful for your continual support for the Great Commission Fund, which enables us to serve God in this part of the world, bringing lost people into God’s Kingdom.

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Learn More

Read Syna Lao’s article, “Lead Us to Jesus,” in the January 2013 issue of Alliance Life magazine.


Population--13,607,069 Infant mortality rate--71.5/1,000 Life expectancy--58.9
Capital City
Phnom Penh (1,169,800) pop.
The size of Missouri, Cambodia (69,900 sq. mi.) consists mainly of a large alluvial plain ringed by mountains, and on the east is the Mekong River.
Khmer (official), French, English
Khmer--90%; Vietnamese--5%; Chinese--1%; other--4%
Per capita income--$2,000 Inflation--3.1% Unemployment--2.5% Literacy rate--70% (2003 est.)
Government/Political Climate
Communist forces captured Phnom Penh in 1975; a 1978 Vietnamese invasion touched off almost 13 years of civil war. The 1991 Paris Peace Accords mandated democratic elections and a ceasefire. The remaining factions of the Khmer Rouge surrendered in 1999. Today Cambodia is a multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy.
Theravada Buddhist--95%; other--5%

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