Serve as a Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Practice and teach as part of a team-based holistic ministry involving health care and church planting.

Posted on December 21, 2015


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Position Type

  • International worker—Vocational Track
  • Medical doctor in field of OB/GYN
  • Responsible for raising own support
  • Single or couple

This is an excellent opportunity for an obstetrician/gynecologist to practice and teach as part of a team-based holistic ministry involving health care and church planting.

Two thousand babies are delivered each year at the Hospital for Women and Children in Koutiala, Mali. As a part of the hospital medical team, this individual or couple would be expected to make a strong contribution in the maternity ward, training Malian residents and midwives, as well as conducting relational outreach, discipleship, and leadership development within the hospital context.

Required Qualifications:

  • A medical degree (M.D.) in OB/GYN along with a minimum of two years’ experience (Spouse must hold a recognized bachelor’s degree)
  • Completion of Alliance Polity course
  • Completion of Missions Perspectives course
  • Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) score of 40 or higher
  • Clear calling to cross-cultural ministry
  • Ability and desire to teach and train
  • Team player with excellent relational skills
  • Ability to plan, prioritize, and complete ministry tasks

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience training anesthesia providers, preferably in a third-world context
  • Experienced leadership in both work and ministry settings
  • Overseas living and ministry experience


  • Provide obstetrical care in collaboration with Malian physicians and midwives
  • Active clinical practice, as well as teaching and training
  • Gynecologic surgery

Timeline for Deployment:

Once appointed, fundraising begins. Release for ticketing will occur once fundraising and other criteria is met; anticipated deployment is summer 2017.

General Information:

Information about Mali is available from the World Factbook.

Work and Living Environment:

Koutiala is a mid-sized town in southeastern Mali (population 160,000) with adequate infrastructure. Shopping is mostly done in outdoor markets. Supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants are available in the capital, Bamako, about 250 miles away, or in Burkina Faso, about 155 miles from Koutiala. Recreational opportunities include soccer, a pool, and visits to the countryside.

Status of Christian Witness:

Visit Joshua Project for more about the peoples of Mali.

Language Expectations:

Language facility is essential to ministry. International workers will receive one year of intensive French language study in a French-speaking environment. The goal is to speak, read, and write the language fluently to share the good news of Jesus. All hospital team members are expected to achieve a level of proficiency in the French and Bambara language. For this position, fluency in French and a good grasp of basic Bambara are necessary for effective ministry.

Health Considerations:

Excellent medical and dental care is available through the hospital.

Expectations for Spouse:

The successful applicant’s spouse is expected to engage meaningfully in fulfilling ministry objectives based on his/her gifts, training, the team’s needs, and their family’s needs.

Children’s Educational Plan and Options:

A professional teacher has often resided in Koutiala to assist with homeschooling; this could be a future option, based on team members’ needs and desires.

Compensation Package:

Once appointed, funds must be raised through the applicant’s network of friends and family, local church, or through other resources. Cost information will be made available upon application.

Whole-Life Health:

The C&MA is an evangelical denomination committed to planting churches both in the United States and internationally. Due to the nature of this ministry opportunity, part of the required qualifications include being healthy in all aspects of life. As you move forward in the consideration process for appointment, these will be assessed.

Important Clarification:

Applicants should be aware that serving in the international world often requires a higher degree of grace and flexibility. For example, overseas teams can be suddenly and unexpectedly impacted by illness, government decisions, financial realities, team changes, or other factors beyond the team’s control. The challenge for applicants is that these factors can sometimes necessitate the sudden redefining of a position, which may take place before, during, or after the application/interview process has begun or is completed.


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