Team Bookkeeper and Relational Outreach

Your primary role will be the team bookkeeper and your secondary role will be relational outreach involving part-time English teaching support and/or IT support.

Posted on December 21, 2016

North and Central Asia

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Position Type

  • International worker—Vocational Track
  • Creative Access Country (CAC)*
  • Funded
  • Couple or single

Join our team in a tremendously helpful and essential role by serving mainly as the team bookkeeper. You will provide financial and administrative support to team members and the business accountant/office manager. Opportunities abound to build meaningful relationships. The bookkeeping responsibilities only require a part time role (10-20 hrs/week). Therefore, there are many opportunities also for service opportunities in the local church, part-time English teaching support, and office IT support. Teach side-by-side with other teachers and provide English consulting help to lesson planning especially in the areas of culture and pronunciation. Come join our team as we build relationships with eternal impact.

Our team is looking for team members who embrace the value of ministering to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and are willing to make the investment, even when only “one of the ten lepers,” returns to express gratitude. We need team members who see offering training in English, practical life skills, preventative health, marriage, family, and business topics not only as a “means to do ministry” but as ministry itself and gain satisfaction from it. We view our whole lives as a testimony to God and desire to imitate Christ in all that we do.

Required Qualifications:

  • Quickbooks training and experience
  • A working knowledge of standard Windows applications especially MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Native English speaker (with good communication, spelling, and grammar skills)
  • Completion of Alliance Polity course
  • Missions Perspectives Course or equivalent
  • Desire and love for the lost
  • Willingness to work in cooperation with our local team and its goals
  • Teachable with the desire to continue growing both professionally and spiritually
  • Exhibits a lifestyle of obedience to Christ with high moral & ethical standards

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in detailed hand record keeping
  • Experience with expense reports
  • Administrative Assistant experience
  • Teaching abilities and/or experience
  • Initiation and organization of outreach programs
  • TEFL/TESOL teaching experience
  • Teaching certificate in any subject


  • Use Quickbooks to maintain the financial records of IW team members
  • Review and approve expense reports
  • Manage team cash box (cash-based society)
  • Manage physical financial records and files
  • Communicate with the IW financial support network to submit reports and resolve finance-related questions
  • Print reports for team members
  • Review reports with Team Leader monthly
  • Provide support and assistance to business accountant/office manager
  • Use Quickbooks to provide record keeping for the English business (includes recording income and expenses, submitting reports, maintaining physical cash box, banking, etc.)
  • Sundays will be intentionally left free to provide opportunities to participate in local church activities
  • Contribute in areas of relational outreach, discipleship, and other ministry related activities
  • (If teaching) Provide teaching support 5-8 hours per week in English classes—a mixture of class, clubs, and one-on-one tutoring
  • If teaching, prepare teaching lessons in a timely manner
  • If IT, maintain office computer network (1 server and 12 computers) and provide troubleshooting support
  • Proactively develop relationships
  • Attend, lead, and contribute to weekly Bible study,other outreach, or discipleship events
  • Maintain a good working relationship with team members
  • Communicate regularly and securely with supporters

Timeline for Deployment:

Summer 2018

General Information:

We are a cross-cultural team consisting of nationals and North Americans. We have single women, married couples with children, and retired people. Although the ability to contribute to the business platform of what we do varies from person to person, everyone is committed to functioning as a team. Our team meetings are bi-lingual so that everyone can participate.

Our team focuses on developing key church leaders. To facilitate this, we run an educational consulting business, relying on both local and expat volunteers who teach classes to our clients. In order to expand the business we need more full-time ESL teachers. Through our business we share His love to the least reached people groups (LRPG’s) by addressing emotional and physical needs.

Work and Living Environment:

Our team is located in a rapidly growing city of 9 million people.We live in walking distance from each other and our office. Team members live in apartments along the river that runs through the city, and there is convenient grocery shopping. Travel is mainly by subway, taxi, motor scooters, or bikes.

*CAC (Creative Access Country) Specific location information related to this ministry description will only be released in later stages of application process.

Status of Christian Witness:

There is a large local church that our team is involved in to varying degrees. There are many Christians throughout our city, yet still many who have never heard. A local seminary serving six provinces is located in our city. We have the opportunity to mentor these future international workers and leaders. In the province, there are some areas without like-minded presence.

Language Expectations:

It is possible to do the bookkeeper role as well as IT or English teaching roles without learning the local language. If you are older or learning language does not come easily to you, this should not deter you from coming. Many people here are interested in English language conversations. However, if you are coming for long term missons and would like to learn the language, there are opportunities to attend ongoing language study. The goal will be to speak, read, and write the language at a functional level in order to mentor, teach, and train others.

Health Considerations:

A lot of walking is required, stairs are common, and there is limited wheelchair access. Our city experiences damp, cold winters and hot, humid summers. The periodic poor air quality can agitate asthma.

Expectations for Spouse:

Spousal roles vary based on the spouse’s giftings and training, and the needs of the team. It is expected that both spouses will be meaningfully involved in meeting ministry objectives, depending on the nature of family roles, children, etc.

Children’s Educational Plan and Options:

Educational options include an excellent international school run by Christians in the city. Other options include local schools and home schooling.

Compensation Package:

This position is designated to be funded through the Great Commission Fund (GCF). We offer compensation for this position, covering costs related to a monthly living allowance, housing, travel, children’s education, and full benefits. Please visit our compensation page for details on how U.S. Alliance international workers are supported. GCF-funded workers share responsibility for raising GCF dollars from Alliance churches and other sources.

Whole-Life Health:

The C&MA is an evangelical denomination committed to planting churches both in the United States and internationally. Due to the nature of this ministry opportunity, part of the required qualifications include being healthy in all aspects of life. As you move forward in the consideration process for appointment, these will be assessed.

Important Clarification:

Applicants should be aware that serving in the international world often requires a higher degree of grace and flexibility. For example, overseas teams can be suddenly and unexpectedly impacted by illness, government decisions, financial realities, team changes, or other factors beyond the team’s control. The challenge for applicants is that these factors can sometimes necessitate the sudden redefining of a position, which may take place before, during, or after the application/interview process has begun or is completed.


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