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Alliance Churches Care for Victims of California Fires

As the wildfires remain uncontained, Alliance churches are stepping up to help.

Alliance People Love on Hurricane Harvey Victims

As Alliance volunteers continue to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, many are blessed, including Donna and her father, Larry.

Alliance People Impacted by California Wildfires

Several Alliance pastors, leaders, and church members have lost their homes in the wildfires in Sonoma County, California.

Sola Scriptura

God’s written revelation in the Scriptures is our guide under the illumination of the Holy Spirit for doctrine and life.

Come to Me

My husband and I serve in a creative-access country, where our C&MA team partners with a local believer named Maddie* to help expectant migrant moms in crisis situations. This is the story of how God called Maddie back to Himself and to this ministry.

Orality Ministry Making “Dry Bones Dance”

“I didn’t believe He had the power to do anything, but this story reminded me that God is King.”

Count the Cost

“Every single believer that we know has suffered persecution. They have been rejected by their family; they’re no longer welcome.”

President Stumbo Visits Puerto Rico

A report on the president’s recent trip to assess the damage and encourage the Alliance family

The Man in White

“What are you doing here? I have chosen you! Follow Me.”

Living as a Refugee Child

Shazad still wakes up some nights screaming, “Don’t kill my Baba! Don’t kill him!”

Solus Christus

Jesus Christ alone is the only One who could save me from my sin.

Initial Relief Efforts Under Way in Puerto Rico

The best ways we can help right now are to pray and give.

Alliance Family Impacted by Mexico Earthquakes

Within the last week, Mexico has experienced three earthquakes that have destroyed many lives and homes.

The Alliance Family in Florida Responding to Irma

Reports continue to affirm God’s hand of protection and provision over the Alliance family.

Harvey Recovery Brings the Family Together

Relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey continue and give opportunities for Alliance people to share the gospel.