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flower-696912_1280A Desert Blooms

He asked a believer to pray for him in Jesus’ name and was astonished when all three of his requests were answered.

coucnil-thumbnail-genericExpectancy and Anticipation

In the final days leading up to Council, two words continue to shape my posture: expectancy and anticipation.

coffeeA Culture of Love

“We live in a society where people may be closed to attending church but aren’t opposed to hearing about God’s love for them.”

They-Need-to-Know-header“They Need to Know!”

The man was agitated—and possibly demon possessed.

Searching-for-cooking-utensils-in-debrisCAMA Responds to Nepal Earthquakes

Relief efforts are focused on providing aid to isolated villages via helicopter.

urgent-prayerUrgent Request from Creative-Access Field

Due to the seriousness of this investigation, the main center has officially closed all branches, including the one operated by our workers.

nyack-prayer-band-headerThe Life of Prayer

A. B. Simpson’s passionate belief that prayer undergirds all ministry compelled him to create a prayer league that would focus on the world’€™s evangelization. This Prayer Alliance would prove to be the “mightiest force in the spread of missions” and that force still drives The Alliance today.

changed-lives-iconConversions Spark Spiritual Warfare

The evening after her husband’s confession of faith, the woman encountered a large, imposing evil spirit.

story-headerKingdom Change in Cleveland

When we selflessly serve, we show that we understand God’s heart and Jesus’ example—committed Christ followers serve!

nepal-in-ruins-headerTragedy in Nepal

An earthquake rocked Nepal on Saturday, resulting in tremendous loss of life, widespread injuries, and massive property damage.

CC Image courtesy of Philip Oyarzo Calisto on FlickrAlliance Board Member’s Son Missing near Volcano

UPDATED: Son of Alliance board member was hiking near the volcano during the first eruption.

Moise-Mamy-featuredGuinea Ebola Workers’ Killers Sentenced

Rev. Moise Mamy was one of the eight workers killed in September 2014.

refugees-gather-headerScores of Refugees Receive Salvation

The number of adults who stood to indicate their desire to receive Jesus as their Savior was more than could be counted quickly.

More than 100 people attended despite the unexpected change in venue.A Divine Upgrade

Although they had an airtight contract, the team members were told they would be forcibly evicted if they tried to enter the site on Sunday morning.

john-3-16-arabicGood News Trumps Successful Surgery

His life had completely changed—not because of the surgery, but because of reading the Bible.