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jesus-hands-bannerA Wayward Brother Meets Jesus

When Nok was reunited with her dying brother, she longed to introduce him to Jesus.

mother-daughterRemember the Brokenhearted on World Refugee Day

A new team proclaims the hope of Christ among traumatized Syrian refugees seeking safe harbor in a European city.

refugee-bannerStanding for the Fatherless

Today, thousands of refugee children have either lost their fathers or live separated from them due to war.

fathers-dayMy Father’s Day Gift

Forget the ties and tools.

wells-bannerWells Will Be Dug

One of the many ministries you support through your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering is the digging of clean water wells.

christina-grimmie-bannerSlain ‘Voice’ Contestant was Part of Alliance Family

Christina Grimmie and her family were long-standing members of Fellowship Alliance Chapel (Medford, New Jersey).

headine-360-x-360Orlando Shooting: Please Pray

Please pray for the families of the 49 people who perished (50, including the shooter), as well as the 53 […]

summit-bannerEnvision Summit: ‘A Life-Changing Week’

Summit is an annual Envision (Alliance) leadership conference for young influencers.

Envision Miami Hosts First Outreach EventEnvision Miami Hosts First Outreach Event

One team painted several rooms for the Boys and Girls Club, and another team cleaned up trash and brush from an empty lot.

Holy Spirit’s Presence Evident at SEEKHoly Spirit’s Presence Evident at SEEK

The Lord manifested His presence and did powerful work in His people at SEEK: An Alliance Regional Deeper Life and Missions Event.

Lives Will Be SavedLives Will Be Saved

One of the many ministries you support through your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering is critical medical care in developing countries.

Alliance Chaplain Holds Easter Services in IraqRemembering Alliance Military Chaplains

This Memorial Day, please remember our Alliance military chaplains as they serve in difficult places.

Retired Alliance Worker Researches Missions HistoryRetired Alliance Worker Researches Missions History

New book unpacks previously unknown facts about Alliance ministry endeavors in Central Africa

headline-news-iconTragedy in Thailand

A huge fire caused the death of 17 children in a Christian dorm in Wiang Pa Pao.

A Storytelling RevolutionA Storytelling Revolution

You Christians usually just preach at us. But this is how we share truth—keep it up!