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family-news-bannerTragedy in Thailand

A huge fire caused the death of 17 children in a Christian dorm in Wiang Pa Pao.

storytellingA Storytelling Revolution

You Christians usually just preach at us. But this is how we share truth—keep it up!

uraguay-baptismGrowing Pains in Uruguay

The pastor’s care helps explain why this church in Latin America’s most secular nation continues to grow.

piercesIs There Life after Retirement?

My wife, Nancy, and I put it off for as long as we could.

coffee-headerJesus, Coffee, and the Gospel

When Dan’s religious teacher didn’t know how to answer his questions about Jesus, Dan said, “Why don’t we ask one of His followers?”

oralityThey Need a Story Too!

We are grateful to God for leading us to people like Mary who need to hear His story.

Sifirasso-headerChurches Will Be Planted

One of the many ministries you support through your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering is church planting.

Ordinary-PeopleOrdinary People, Uncommon Faith

Is the cost to GO just too great for my generation? The sacrifice too painful?

green-bananasGreen Bananas

Work with all your might because, take it from me, night is coming.

israel-bannerCelebrating 125 Years in the Holy Land

How God preserved the Alliance’s properties when Israel became a state in 1948

vietnam-stempleOh, the Fun You Have!

As seniors, we still have wonderful opportunities to do what God calls us to do.

jesus-bannerIn the Dominican Republic, It’s Still Easter!

After learning He died for their sins and rose from the dead, the children said, “Jesus is my hero.”

tran-bannerLife Is Precious to Him

When Tran told her husband she was pregnant, she was dealt a shocking blow.

marriage-banner-2Marriages Will Be Saved

One of the many ministries you support through your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering is marriage enrichment.

working-handsFinishing Well

I believe a person is as young as his or her God-given dreams.