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A String of Good Days

Surrendering our plans to God is a terrific and wise move.

Alliance Churches Receive $1 Million in Loan Interest Rebates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Thanks to the generosity of the Alliance Development Fund (ADF), approximately 470 Alliance churches and […]

Father’s Day 2017

Today, thousands of refugee children have either lost their fathers or live separated from them due to war.

Alliance Council 2017: Sunday

Kelvin Walker lead the Alliance Family in a glorious call to Pentecost living. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you”

Alliance Council 2017: Saturday

Praise, Prayer, Prodigals, and Proclamations

Alliance Council 2017: Friday

“The biggest fear I have every day as a pastor is becoming more of a ministry machine and less like Jesus.” -Mark Ashton

2017 Ballot Election Results

Following are the results of elections for the President, the Board of Directors, corporate vice president, and corporate secretary held during the Council Business Session, Friday, June 2.

Alliance Council 2017: Thursday

“We cannot move forward in our missionary call apart from the Spirit’s stirring”

From Hopeless to Called

“Our congregation has become a first-hand witness of the liberating, healing power of Jesus.”

Alliance Council 2017: Wednesday

With a Holy Spirit fire evident in his voice—and in his legs, pacing the stage—David Hearn, president of C&MA Canada, invites the Alliance family to seek and embrace the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

freedom and forgivenessAlliance Council 2017: Tuesday

John Stumbo launches Council 2017 with a message of freedom through forgiveness, preparing hearts for a week centered around Jesus, who, by the power of the Spirit, sent us on mission to the world . . . and “we get to do this together!”

‘Miracle Tree’ Reaps Benefits for Southeast Asia’s Marginalized

“We wanted to work with people who would not normally have a chance to own a business.”

An Army Chaplain’s Prayer for his Troops

Remembering the Fallen, Upholding the Valiant

Freed from Hell

After he was diagnosed with cancer, a man received a dream from God.

Approaching Missions

How to prepare for a short-term missions experience