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friendships-bannerMan’s Best Friend

Men’s ministries at local churches create opportunities for deeper relationships.

bethany-spainYoung Believers Find Spiritual Oasis

Bethany School in Alicante, Spain, is much more than a summer camp.

(Photo by Eberhart Koll, used with permission of Galley2.)Mending the Artist-Church Relationship

“Within the art community here, the church is seen as condemning. We’re trying to build bridges between artists and the church.”

taiwan-bannerThe Time for Taiwan Is Now

In spite of opposition, the gospel is taking root in hearts.

chain-link-fencePrison Break

After facing setbacks to a prison outreach in Burkina Faso, a ministry team witnesses 15 inmates set free in Jesus’ name.

cambodiaFormer Khmer Bodyguard Sold Out for Jesus

Now he’s a district leader of the Alliance national church in Cambodia

2-edged-swordAccess to the Bible Restores a Village’s Faith

“Satan didn’t want these people to get their double-edged sword. But no matter what Satan does, God will protect us. There is no fear.”

restored-bannerA Spell Broken, a Relationship Restored

Alliance workers help replace a curse on a new believer’s son with a blessing.

choice-bannerYou Have a Choice

A young Burkinabè believer’s father, a witch doctor, demands his son deny Jesus or die.


Sunun knew he would die if Jesus did not deliver him from his addiction.

parable-feastEffective Evangelism

Since we opened our center for drug addicts and the homeless, it has never remained empty.

ormc-sign-bannerChaplain Ministry at the Pulse Mass Casualty

Chaplain Phyllis Fitzwater tells of her experience identifying victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

jesus-campThe ‘Jesus Camp’ Touches Young Lives with God’s Love

When a mother asked her son what he wanted to do that week, he said, “I want to go to the Jesus camp.”

tree-bannerGod Uses ‘Alliance Life’ to Help Fill Tall Order

An answer to prayer for a worker in Gabon, Africa

flood-bannerA Flood Survivor’s Story in Louisiana

Around 4:30 a.m., I received a call that my wife and four kids needed to flee the rising flood waters in Baton Rouge.