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one-foot-bannerOne Foot in, One Foot Out

How God softened a woman’s heart to the good news of Christ

Headline News BANNERCAMA Responds to Louisiana Flood

CAMA Services, the relief and development arm of The Alliance, sends immediate aid to Louisiana Flood Victims

ALIFE-magazine-bannerInmate Discovers ‘Alliance Life’-line

“This is the fourth institution during my incarceration that I have been able to use the magazine as a ministry tool.”

river-north-asiaPersistence, Sacrifice Stir Community’s Spiritual Awakening

Years of tireless outreach to a gospel-resistant community has resulted in new openness to Christ.

press-forward-bannerWhen Pushed Back, Press Forward

An Alliance worker and her team experienced setbacks while leading a youth conference; God sustained them, honoring their perseverance.

bible-bannerNew Bible Translation Clears Way for Revival

An Alliance worker has helped translate the Scriptures into his homeland’s mother tongue and distributed copies to Orthodox priests—the spiritual leaders of this ancient land.

internsStudents Find Purpose during C&MA Internships

Past National Office interns give testimonials about their experience.

beauty-ashesBeauty For Ashes

God restores much more than a church building in this New England community.

soccer-1Soccer Draws Children to Church

In Poipet, Cambodia, soccer is drawing kids to church like a magnet.

henna-bannerHenna and the Art of Bible Storytelling

An Alliance worker is connecting with migrant women from the North and Central Asia Region, illustrating Bible stories through henna art.

joe-kong-bannerPreaching on Baptism Leads to New Life in Christ

After listening to Joe’s sermon about new life in Christ, a woman attending a baptism service suddenly became tired of her old, sinful ways.

national-office-mountiansTop 10 C&MA Landmarks to Visit This Summer

Visit one of these spots on your summer vacation and celebrate your Alliance heritage.

Steve Haines, Cape Cod Times/CC BY-NCReconciliation Through Fire

Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church’s first service in its new building was July 3, 2016.

headine-360-x-360Another Terrorist Strike in France

At least 84 people were killed and many more injured in Nice, France, after a truck drove into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

foot-washingGood News from the Streets of Iraq

Chaos and ongoing violence in Iraq are causing many people to turn from the region’s majority religion to seek the true God.