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A Defining Moment for The Alliance in Paraguay

“I have faith that the Lord has something great for us as a denomination.”

Update from Guatemala

Alliance international worker Charles Fanberg reports on destruction from the Fuego Volcano and how nearby Alliance churches are pitching in to help victims.

Free to Follow Jesus

“Amara felt free enough that she visited her family, even though some of them are majority religion teachers. They recognized a change—the fruit of the Spirit was in her.”

Pray for Guatemalans Affected by Volcanic Eruption

We thank the Lord that our Alliance churches have not been affected nor have major consequences from the eruption of the Fuego volcano, although the danger is still a concern in places surrounding the volcano.

Realizing the Power of God’s Word

“Natalia’s most humorous misunderstanding was thinking that Aaron used a watermelon to accomplish the ‘magic’ instead of a staff.”

A Slow Progression to Faith

When I asked Lina if she was ready to receive Christ, she said, “I am at 50 percent right now—don’t push me!”

How to Defeat Your Worst Enemy

God shows His power by answering the prayers of Burkinabè Christians facing persecution.

How Modern-day Pastors Plan to Reach Millennials and Gen Z

The church must figure out what drives and motivates anyone under 35.

Is the Great Commission Dead?

To reach lost and hurting people today requires demonstrating Jesus’ compassion as well as explaining the good news of His forgiveness and salvation.

Simpson University Board of Trustees Announces New President

Dr. Norman Hall replaces President Robin Dummer, who served as interim president for two years before becoming president in 2015.

God’s Charge to Men

On this Father’s Day, we celebrate men who stand firm in the faith.

Thanks, Mom!

On this Mother’s Day, we celebrate the lifegiving influence of women.

But First, Water

An Alliance worker credits a water-well drilling record to answered prayers.

National Day of Prayer 2018

Praying for UNITY in our Nation and in the Church

Pressing into the Dark

“Valleyview Alliance has chosen to stand in faith with God and be instrumental in shining the light of Christ.”