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chi-chat-cafeWelcome to the Chit Chat Café!

“This is a wide-open door to plant seeds of truth.”

headline-iconCorrection to Bus Crash Story

On Wednesday, March 25, we reported that a bus crash in Peru had taken the lives of 30 men who […]

headline-iconMore than 30 Alliance Men Killed in Bus Crash (correction)

The crash was one of the worst traffic accidents in Peru in many years.

women-gathered-headerStory Time in Koutiala

Storytelling is an effective evangelism tool in Africa, where most people tend to be oral learners.

headline-iconFollowing Jesus in the Hard Places

It’s hard to love the random terrorists. How do you pray for them? But it’s different when you know them.

sappia-family-day-header“It’s Not a Private Party”

The sky was menacing and big drops of rain fell just before we launched our children’s festival.

into-the-mideastern-landsGreat Commission Day

Courageous workers have risen to Jesus’ invitation to sow seeds of hope in some of the world’s most spiritually barren landscapes. He has called us to support and equip these “sent ones.” Your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering shouts, “We will!”

child-in-distribution-center-headerAlliance Church Opens Doors to Homeless

Christians show the Lord’s love to those who do not yet know Him.

headline-iconPray for Ferguson, Missouri

“I was actually there—ducking when I heard the shots.”

patients-wait-for-careMatching Gift Challenge for Bongolo Hospital

Fairhaven Church is offering to match up to $100,000 in financial gifts to the support of Bongolo Hospital.

concert-headerConcert Opens Prison Doors

The women now see that captivity to sin is more powerful than a jail sentence.

14-bibles-image14 Bibles

God weaves together people, places, and opportunities for His purposes.

ishinomaki-center-image-featureAlliance Ministry Offers Hope, Healing to Japan Earthquake Survivors

For many survivors, the true psychological impact of the disaster will be felt for years to come.

bibleThe John 3:16 Answer

I heard the good news for the first time!

Ready for baptism, siblings Bing and Zhiliang are now brothers in Christ.A New Year for Chinese Brothers

Bing and Zhiliang were content to believe God did not exist and Christians were superstitious and uninformed.