Reaching Generation Next

“We must reach tomorrow’s leaders—today!” says Judy Gaskin, a C&MA worker in Indonesia. One way The Alliance is doing so in that country is through Kids’ EE, an offshoot of Evangelism Explosion International. After attending a Kids’ EE clinic in Manila, Gaskin and her Indonesian colleague, Ivone, were asked to coordinate the translation work for a follow-up clinic in Indonesia. “We had less than one week to prepare,” says Gaskin. Five people worked on the project, which was completed in 2001. “Then we began teaching other adults, who would in turn communicate the truths to children.” 
Each Kids’ EE lesson incorporates a biblical message and a “Take-Home Truth” that gives children opportunities to share the gospel. In one lesson, students learn that all people are sinners and cannot save themselves. To drive home this message, the children bake cookies, mixing in with the other ingredients one rotten egg. “We have lots of good stuff in our lives, but can we serve them up to God when we have one rotten part?” kids are asked. 
“The Lord is using Kids’ EE all over Indonesia to equip children to share the gospel message,” Gaskin says. “I am excited about the future of this program in Indonesia.” After 14-year-old Ina received training in Kids’ EE, she assisted in the second training. She also presented the gospel to her 18-year-old cousin, who prayed to receive Christ and asked Ina to teach her how to share the good news. “She was interested in learning about Kids’ EE,” says Gaskin. 
According to Barna Research Group, “The vast majority of all Christians make that critical decision before they reach their teens . . . The greatest susceptibility to the gospel appears among young children.” Through Kids’ EE, The Alliance in Indonesia is reaching the next generation for Christ.


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