God is on the move in Gabon

By Carolyn L. Thorson, Alliance missionary to Gabon  
God is at work in Gabon! More than 1,200 people prayed to accept Christ at Bongolo Hospital during 2005.  Others accepted Christ in nearby villages. The following stories highlight the Lord’s hand upon this country in the past year.  
     Nina arrived at Bongolo Hospital in labor, ready to deliver her baby. She needed surgery, and her heart stopped on the operating table. She was successfully resuscitated and recovered. Her baby lived for only 36 hours.  
     Before Nina left the hospital, I talked to her about the Lord. Although she had come close to death, Nina was not yet ready to accept eternal life through Jesus. Two weeks after surgery I visited Nina in her village home, and she then received Christ as her Savior. Pray that Nina will grow in her faith. She has attended the Makongonio Alliance Church, which I also attend. 
     Mr. M, a shopkeeper in Lebamba, came to Gabon from a North African country as a believer in the traditional religion. He made a decision for Christ but has kept this a secret, fearing of being rejected by his countrymen who live in Lebamba. During Christmas week I went to wish him a “Merry Christmas.” He was not there but on a trip to the capital city. After his return he told me that he had stayed in Libreville for longer than usual because he was able “to celebrate the 25th.” Praise the Lord that Mr. M has found others in Libreville with whom he can have Christian fellowship. He also has a New Testament in Arabic. Pray for growth in his faith. 
     Sylvie, a young woman with two small children, became ill last May. In October her father asked me to visit her in their home. I readily saw that Sylvie was ill as a result of AIDS. On the day of my visit she accepted Christ as her Savior.  
     The following week Sylvie was admitted to the hospital where she received treatment for tuberculosis during the next seven weeks. Seeing that the treatment was not working, Sylvie returned home, where she passed away a few weeks later. Praise the Lord that Sylvie was ready to meet Him, and pray for her two young orphans. 
     Several tuberculosis patients have put their faith in Christ. One day we noted that out of 29 beds, 22 were filled with tuberculosis patients. Many had contracted TB because their resistance is down due to AIDS. Please pray as we try to renovate one of our warehouses into a ward for TB patients in their second month of treatment. They must be hospitalized for the first two months of their six month treatment. 
     God is on the move in Gabon, but there is still much work to be done. Thank you for your prayers in 2005; we covet your continued prayers in 2006.


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