Beautiful Feet

I still remember where I was when I first heard Leonard Smith’s song, “Our God Reigns.” But, until last week, I never really understood what was so  beautiful about the feet of the messengers who bring good news.  

Smith’s song is based on Isaiah 52-53, the chapters  I was studying in preparation for a course I am  teaching at Maranatha Bible Institute.  In the second half of his prophesy, Isaiah foresaw the destruction of Jerusalem and the 70 years of  suffering the Israelites would endure in Babylon.  But he also foresaw the ultimate collapse of the Babylonian Empire and the release of the Israelite captives.  

Smith’s song begins with the beautiful feet of the messengers who announce to the people of  Jerusalem that these Israelite captives were finally returning to Jerusalem. As Jerusalem’s watchmen  studied these approaching messengers on the mountains surrounding Jerusalem, they could tell that these messengers were carrying good news  because they weren’t dragging their feet. Their  feet were running and dancing and jumping up and down for joy. That is why they were so beautiful to  Jerusalem’s watchmen.

Finally, after 70 long years of watching and waiting, the watchmen could announce peace and proclaim good news to the  people of Jerusalem: the captives were coming  home!  

Years later, three women dragged their feet as they made their way to the tomb to embalm Jesus’ body.  But, after discovering an empty tomb and encountering the resurrected Lord, they hurried  back to Jerusalem to announce the good news to  the disciples.

I can just picture their feet — hurrying,  jumping and dancing for joy.  How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news . . . or, at least they should be!

Today we drove  to the Kwentou Church to announce the good news.  The road was awful, the sun was scorching, the kids  were cranky and our feet were not as beautiful as they should have been.  

But Jesus is alive! He is risen from the dead, and He is coming again! And, as we reflected on this Good  News, we rejoiced . . . and I’m convinced our feet really were beautiful.  

This Easter, how do your feet look?  
Jumping for joy because Jesus lives,  
Andrew & Esther Schaeffer  
Paul, David, Stephen, Mark and Rebekah  
Missionaries to Burkina Faso, April 9, 2006


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