Powerful Earthquake Strikes Indonesia

UPDATE (06/01/06): Devastation in Central Java 
An Alliance worker reports that between 6,000 and 7,000 persons have been killed as a result of the earthquake. More than 8,500 people are injured, and 100,000 people are living in temporary housing. Eighty percent of the homes in two areas have collapses, and there has been a record-breaking 450 aftershocks. 
     Three C&MA/CAMA teams have been formed to assist in relief efforts. The local government leader in Yogyakarta has provided a warehouse (the size of a basketball court) to house relief supplies. Relief assistance is starting to arrive, but, according to the worker, many people have not eaten rice (their main staple) since the earthquake. 
     The workers requests prayer for the following things: 
1. For continued unity and strong coordination of efforts between those providing assistance. 
2. Health for relief workers. 
3. That God’s Holy Spirit would descend. Many from this religious group are wondering if they are being punished for the nation’s crumbling moral decay. 
UPDATE (05/29/06): Devastation in Central Java 
An earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter Scale struck the Yogyakarta Regency in Java, touching also Central Java and into East Java on Saturday May 27, 2006 at 05:55 in the morning. It shook everything as far north as Semarang where the Simpson (C&MA) Bible School (STTS) is located. The whole area suffered damage and loss of life with heaviest casualties in two counties: Bantul and Klaten. In Bantul, local news is reporting more than 2,700 have died, and in Klaten, 780 deaths and huge property damage. 10,617 homes were destroyed in Gantiwarno alone, 1 of 24 townships in the area. The population density is unbelievable, with 809,844 in Bantul County alone. (As of today, reports indicate that more than 5,400 persons have been killed, 15,000 have been injured, and 200,000 were left homeless.) 
Report on GKII churches in Affected Area 
Several C&MA GKII churches are in the affected area. Rev. Wesley Lufung, the district superintendent, reports that there were no GKII people injured to his knowledge and that no church buildings had been damaged. However, the pastor’s residence in the large downtown Yogyakarta church was badly cracked and is leaning dangerously, requiring Pastor Lendung and his wife to evacuate. Rev. Lufung is going to Klaten to obtain a first-hand assessment of the GKII church there. 
Report on Ongoing Ministry to the Victims 
A team of four traveled to the affected area yesterday to survey the situation and to plan action steps. They took rice packets, other prepared food, and some simple medical supplies. They surveyed the area and determined that the neediest situations in which the C&MA could be involved are the Klaten County, which is northwest of Yogyakarta, and the Panggang township, which is due east of the southcoast town of Parangtritis. 
     Panggang is close to the epicenter of the quake, and when the CAMA team visited the village, there were no agencies giving aid to the victims. People were standing out in the pouring rain with no shelter or food, and no rice supplies were available. Klaten, on the other hand, has a number of agencies that are involved in bringing initial relief. The team visited two villages that had almost no help in the Klaten area.  
     People urgently need tents, blankets, rice, lamps (electricity is gone in many areas). And they need medical attention. In Klaten, one eight-year-old boy was given medical help, but nothing was being done for the many broken bones. 
     The team met with experienced relief and rehabilitation personel, who had been sent to head up response to the need in the devastated area. The plan is to establish an operations post in a rented house in the most heavily damaged township in Klaten. This house will serve as a coordinating center, distribution point, and lodging for those helping in the relief project. The team is focusing on the people in Panggang, even though there is a smaller population there, and it is two hours drive further south from Klaten. 
Some prayer needs 
1. Pray for the STTS students who desire to help in the distribution and counseling effort. This tradegy hit during final exam week, and they need take these exams as they are sent out in response teams. 
2. Pray that the team will have optimum cooperation and cooperation with the various agencies involved in trying to put this relief effort together. John Ellenberger and other Indonesian team members will travel to Klaten this afternoon to see the situation first hand. 
3. Pray that the team will be salt, light, and showers of the “straight path” to those who are hurting. Pray that they may see the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of the Son of God (2 Corinthians 4:6). 
Initial Report (05/27/06) 
A powerful magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck near the ancient city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which is located 250 miles east of the capital, Jakarta. The quake struck at 5:54 a.m. Saturday morning, flattening homes and hotels while people sleep. Estimates at this time put the death toll at more than 4,300 persons. Thousands of panicked residents fled into the city’s streets, some fearing a tsunami would strike. Hospitals are overwhelmed with victims. 
     The quake’s epicenter was 50 miles south of the rumbling Mount Merapi volcano, and activity increased dramatically after the quake. A large burst from the volcano spewed hot clouds and sent debris cascading down the mountain’s western slope. 
     There is no news yet regarding whether Alliance people or churches have been affected, but Phil Skellie, CAMA Services director, has promised $100,000 immediately for assistance to quake relief. The effected area is being surveyed to put together a plan to provide assistance. 
     If you would like to give to the earthquake relief effort, please visit our online giving page. Or you can send a check made out to CAMA Services and indicate in the memo section that your gift is for Indonesia earthquake relief. Send to CAMA, P.O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500.


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