Relief Efforts Continue for Yogyakarta Earthquake Victims

Thank you for praying for victims of the earthquake that struck the Central Java city of Yogyakarta in late May. We would like to bring you up to date concerning relief efforts.  
     Several Indonesian Alliance churches and homes of members were affected. Truckloads of supplies were sent to meet the immediate need for tents, food, medicine, and more. To ensure that relief efforts were consistent with the wisdom and guidance of Indonesian church leaders, we contacted Reinold Suwu, the district superintendent of Java. After a survey trip to meet with those impacted by the disaster, Mr. Suwu concluded that building supplies would be purchased so that the people could repair or rebuild their homes. This would give them a sense of ownership.  
     Thank you to those who have given to meet this need. The money was sent to the head of the area last week. He and his committee will buy materials needed to begin the rebuilding process and then distribute them as needed. We believe that these methods will empower those in need rather than just make them accustomed to receiving hand-outs. 
     Another effort is under way to provide relief to those who do not yet believe. Not surprisingly, it has been met with opposition. False accusations were made against the Indonesian worker in charge of this operation. His accusers demanded a showdown, but when the worker showed up to “face the music,” they didn’t come. The worker is grateful for God’s intervention.  
     Funds have arrived to begin rebuilding homes in this particularly difficult area. Already a kindergarten and a children’s center have been established by the wife of this Indonesian Alliance worker. Pray for continued bravery and energy as relief efforts continue among those who are resistant. We know that as progress is made, opposition will increase. 
     —Larry and Carol Fish, field director couple for Indonesia


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