C&MA Missionary Jailed

Rich Brown spent three days in an Ecuadorian jail after he was arrested for driving across a double yellow line. “There were three cars in front of me,” says Brown, who was attempting to pass a slow-moving vehicle that had pulled to the right to let the other cars go by. “By the time I passed the truck, the dotted line became a double yellow line.”  
Brown was followed immediately by an officer honking his horn. When Brown stopped, he was read his rights and arrested. He was able to text message several people to request prayer and a lawyer. In the interim, Brown made friends in the jail, prayed with the men, and gave one man his Bible.  
Brown’s lawyer gathered all evidence in record time, which he presented at a hearing. As God would have it, the woman receiving the evidence is a member of Alliance Church in the Valley (formerly Batán), as was the person who signed the release papers. Within a few hours, Brown was released.  
“Do you know when people are in these situations and they say, ‘We really felt the prayers of God’s people.’? Well, it doesn’t always seem very real until you experience it. I felt the prayers lifting me and my situation up to God. Thank you!”


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