Dental Chair Evangelism

“When I was growing up, my mother had multiple boyfriends,” said Patricia,* who lives in Paraguay where Alliance missionaries Bob and Brenda Boston serve. “A constant stream of men stayed in our house.” The only child of a single parent, Patricia became pregnant by her first boyfriend. “Our families forced us to marry, but we were never happy together,” she said.  
Even before their marriage, Patricia’s husband was unfaithful to her. “The pain of [his infidelity] led me to seek comfort in the arms of another man.” The affair tormented Patricia. “Eventually, I confessed to one of my dental patients. Over the years this patient counseled me, and one day he accepted Christ as his Savior. He told me the story of salvation, and it made a big impact on me. He said that Jesus could help me give up my lover and change my life.” At the same time, Patricia learned that her aunt was holding Bible studies in her home.  
As Patricia’s children entered their teens, she became concerned about their behavior. Her son started drinking, and she worried about the influence his friends were having on him. She also feared that her children would find out about her affair. She realized she needed Jesus. “I accepted Christ as my Savior in my dentist’s office with my patient sitting in the dental chair. I knew it was an important decision for me.” 
Soon afterward, Patricia began attending Bible studies with Bob and Brenda Boston in her aunt’s home. Eventually, Patricia participated in a discipleship class with them and was baptized. Her daughter accepted the Lord a year later, followed by her son. “I could see Christ begin the transform my family,” said Patricia. 
“In spite of the miracles that God in my life, I could not find the power to give up my lover. I prayed and fasted, I pleaded with God, but I could not stop sinning,” she said. Finally, Bob Boston agreed to lead Patricia in deliverance-style counseling. For nearly two months, he and another pastor met with Patricia twice a week to pray and talk with her until she was able to give up her sin. “This is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life,” Patricia said. “I cannot explain what a stronghold Satan had in my life.” 
Since then, Patricia has seen God’s faithfulness in many areas. Her children serve the Lord, and her mother also received Jesus. Although her husband has not yet come to Christ, “I can see him softening daily,” said Patricia. “I believe that he, too, will one day accept Jesus as his personal Savior.”  
*name changed to protect identity


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