Village “Crazy Man” Set Free

Before he came to Christ, Youssuf had been tormented by evil spirits and had severe insomnia. “He was considered a ‘crazy man,’” said an Alliance international worker, serving in Burkina Faso. “Youssuf was often incoherent and acted out in strange ways.” After his father, a member of the traditional religion, saw the JESUS film, he brought Youssuf to the Alliance pastor and said, “If Jesus can heal those people, perhaps He can help my son.”

The pastor met with Youssuf and prayed with him for several months. Eventually, Youssuf trusted in Christ and was recently baptized. “Now, he is freed from the spirits that were bothering him and is completely normal!” the worker reported. “You would never know that he was the village crazy man. He is certainly a changed person.” Youssuf’s two wives and nine children are now following Christ and are involved in the local church.


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