Radio Station Dedication

radio-station-dedicatedMore than 1,000 people gathered in Nouna, Burkina Faso, to dedicate the new evangelical radio station on January 31. “People came from all over the Kossi Province and from the Solenzo district in the neighboring Banwa Province,” said Alliance worker Andrew Schaeffer.

Broadcasts are heard on solar-powered radios, enabling listeners in remote villages to receive God’s message of hope and salvation. Since 1930, The Alliance has worked in the Kossi Province, planting churches in what are today the Alliance church districts of Nouna, Djibasso, and Doumbala.

“In his keynote address, Dr. Adama Dembele, an active Alliance layman originally from Nouna, acknowledged the distinguished ministries of former Kossi pastors and Alliance missionaries like Lin Ballard and David Kennedy,” said Schaeffer. “He also invited all of the evangelical churches in the Kossi and Banwa provinces to work together in community for the success of the Nouna Evangelical Radio.”

A Gift of Goat

As the official mission representative, Schaeffer was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a goat in appreciation for all of the C&MA’s help in establishing the station. “To be honest, my colleague, should have been presented with the goat, but he was too busy helping to set up and film the ceremony,” Schaeffer said. The mission’s radio technician, did much of the legwork to get Nouna Evangelical Radio on the air.

“If you have given to Radio Africa, helped purchase Galcom solar radios, or participated in the C&MA’s 2001 General Council offering, Give the Winds A Mighty Voice, you, too deserve a choice morsel of that goat meat,” said Schaeffer. “Thank you for enabling us to sow the gospel seed widely throughout Burkina Faso through our radio stations in Nouna, Banfora, Bobo, and Tougan.”

What you can do

Praise God for His provision to establish four radio stations in Burkina Faso. Pray that the ears that hear the gospel will choose to follow Jesus.


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