By Lorinda Robinson, serving in Burkina Faso

Alliance field workers in developing countries face unique challenges that we in the developed world would likely find intolerable. Lorinda’s June newsletter describes a recent inconvenience—lengthy electrical power outages in Ouagadougou, Burkina’s capital. An adaptation of Lorinda’s article follows; don’t miss her concluding remarks!

Ouagadougou just doesn’t have enough supply to meet the demands of our electrical needs. So, we are used to three to five hour power cuts during the hot season.

About three weeks ago, we learned that the city was experiencing some major power equipment problems. As a result, we experienced power outages that extended up to nine hours a day for about three weeks. (A couple of days our cuts lasted 12 hours.)

Mind-Numbing Heat

I can tell you that with a heat index here in Burkina of more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s no time of day that is “good” to have your power cut!

A schedule was published in the local newspaper to notify us when to expect the power cuts. For a couple of days, it was followed. Most days it wasn’t. So not only were we experiencing lengthy power cuts; we also didn’t always know when they would occur. To say that an entire city was feeling cranky, hot, and tired would be an understatement.

Answered Prayer

I sent word home to some people who have prayed for special requests. They prayed and God answered!

We since have had a couple of good rains, and temperatures are now 10 degrees lower!  While we still don’t have power 24/7, the situation is better. The weekend was great (only 90 minutes without power); yesterday I was without power for about five hours.

It gets tricky, though, as the Internet service provider is on a different schedule. So, there are times when I have electricity, but I still don’t have Internet. As I write, I’m without electricity. I love laptop batteries!

Power Analogy

As I got to thinking about this situation, I reflected on how we often refer to the Power of the Holy Spirit. Allow me to draw several spiritual parallels related our power issues here that I have been thinking about over the last couple of weeks.

In Christ:

  1. There is no lack of supply; His power is always sufficient. In Him I never have “equipment problems” (unless I happen to unplug something).
  2. His schedule is reliable. He’s available 24/7; I can count on that. He doesn’t change the schedule without telling me.
  3. Without His power I’m weak, tired, cranky, and I don’t get a lot of work done!

Learn More

Read about Lorinda’s work at Dorcas House, a home that offers care and spiritual nurture to young women who would otherwise be on the streets.

What You Can Do

In your prayers, give thanks for Lorinda’s prayer supporters and God’s answer to prayer! Remember to lift up our Alliance field workers around the world who often deal with inconveniences—like lengthy power outages that can cause discouragement and even disrupt ministry efforts.


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