C&MA Church Members Experience God’s Protection

A fire that destroyed more than 200 homes this spring left Alliance church members in Indonesia testifying of God’s grace and protection. The church prayer group was getting ready to meet when news of the fire was reported.

“They saw the fire moving toward their homes and tried to take as much as possible to safety,” says Alliance worker Frank Peters. “Then, just as it got to the area where most of the group lives, the wind changed and the fire changed direction, sparing their homes.”

Hidden in Jesus

The incident prompted people in the community to ask, “What kind of power protects like this?” The pastor replied, “The Lord is our only protection.” The prayer group then sang “Hiding in Thee.” The chorus goes as follows: “In You I am protected; In You, Lord Jesus, I am sheltered.”

In a demonstration of Christ’s love and compassion, the Alliance church members provided 50 cases of instant noodles to those displaced by the fire.

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Check out our Alliance work in Indonesia.

What You Can Do

Praise the Lord that no lives were lost in the fire. Pray for His provision for people who lost their homes.

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