God’s Power in Kosovo

By an Alliance worker

The following is an adaptation of an Alliance worker’s recent article, illustrating how the Great Physician is drawing Kosovars to Himself.  

God’s at work here. I want to share about His healing power in the life of Fasul.*

Last year Fasul broke his leg while in the mountains cutting timber. Because it was a compound fracture, with spurting arterial bleeding, he almost bled to death riding on horseback down the mountain and then taking a taxi to the hospital.

Fasul’s story is long. He nearly died from an infection in the hospital and then crossed the mountains on crutches into Macedonia to seek additional medical care. We first met him last fall when he came to our community center in southeastern Kosovo seeking help

Needed: $10,000

His leg was sheathed in an external cage; his shin was pinned together. Fasul’s dressings were changed at the hospital weekly; the doctors were working to disinfect the protruding, jagged ends of his shin bones. He told us he needed about $10,000 to return to Macedonia and have the surgery completed.

We didn’t have $10,000. But we prayed and also took Fasul to a private hospital for treatment and a second opinion in Prishtina, Kosovo’s capital city. The doctor said he would probably lose the leg. His open wound was not, surprisingly, infected. But the chances of a bone graft taking to the dead bone tissue were almost zero.

God had the last word, however.

Over the past nine months since meeting Fasul, our church has prayed and ministered to him and his family-relentlessly. He and his sister in-law, he claims, are now believers.

“God at Work”

Much to our amazement, about a month ago the doctor said that the bones in Fasul’s leg were beginning to show signs of life. Last week, the doctor removed the pins from his leg and put him in a walking cast-he was careful to say that this was not his doing, not the result of his treatment, but that God was at work.

Sunday night Fasul testified to God’s healing power. He stood before the church and then set aside his crutches to show that, with the cast, his broken leg could take the weight of his body.

Fasul still has a long way to go in the healing process, but he now has so much hope, not just for a healed leg, but in the power of God.  This miracle couldn’t have been purchased with $10,000 from the “wealthy” missionaries, but it was given by God’s sovereign hand.

There are so many other things to tell you, ways in which God is moving among His people in Kosovo, but there isn’t time or space. They’ll have to wait for future updates.

*Name changed

What You Can Do

In your prayers, praise God for the miracle of Fasul’s continued healing. Continue to pray that he will grow in his faith, and that others in his circle of family and friends will come to personally know Jesus, the Great Physician.

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