Unexpected Opportunities

By Jill and Alan Kropp, serving in Japan

The language school I (Jill) attend in Tokyo is highly relational and conversationally oriented. From ambassadors to housewives to businessmen, the school draws students from all walks of life, Christian and non-Christian.

One aspect of the class that I really enjoy is giving three-minute impromptu speeches, something we do nearly every session. This exercise is designed to force us to use what we have assimilated during the formal lecture component of the class. Immediately following our three-minute speech, the teacher gives critical feedback concerning word choice and grammar structure.

Because You Prayed

Recently after one of my speeches, I was able to share my faith. During one-on-one instruction time with a non-Christian teacher, I asked a question that led to a discussion about the Bible and the gospel. I had this opportunity because you prayed!

Keep praying for the Lord to use us to share the gospel with our non-Christian teachers, neighbors, and friends.

Please Pray . . .

  • For continued perseverance and motivation during language study
  • For more opportunities to introduce Japanese people to Jesus
  • That the Holy Spirit’s sweet presence would rain down on the people of Japan

What You Can Do

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