No Place Like Hope

By Dennis Westlake

Serving at Hope Medical Center, Guinea, West Africa

Hope Medical Center sees about 300 patients a week on average, says Dennis Westlake, who serves with Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), the relief and development arm of The Alliance. Here is an adapted excerpt from a recent letter in which Dennis shared two encouraging stories.

Jarius, a missionary sent to us from Gabon, told us at prayer meeting recently the story of a young boy who had just arrived that day for treatment. He was brought by two women-his mother and his aunt. It was their first time to the clinic.

The women remarked to Jarius how impressed they were with the manner in which they were treated by everyone at the clinic, asking him why this was so. This gave Jarius the opportunity to share Jesus with them-the reason why people are cared for well here. Both women prayed with Jarius to receive Christ.

Healing at Hope

Moise Mamy, the spiritual ministries coordinator at Hope, told us another encouraging story. Earlier this month he observed an elderly man at the clinic who didn’t appear to be sick or in need of treatment. After inquiring about the reason for his visit, this is what Moise learned.

A resident of N’Zérékoré, just 5 miles from Hope, the man said he’d been to the center twice for treatment since its 2005 opening. His first visit was to have a tooth pulled. On his second visit, “I arrived at the center in a wheelchair.” He’d just spent two years at the hospital in N’Zérékoré for a mysterious illness that left his left side paralyzed. He hadn’t been cured. And “It was very expensive for me,” he said.

But after his third treatment for the illness at Hope, “I left the wheelchair and began walking on my own. And I had only spent 150,000 Guinea francs (approximately $30)!”


He said two things had impressed him about the center: He received healing for less than half of what he had spent at the hospital; and he wasn’t ill-treated because of his ethnic background-something that is rare in Guinea. “The respect I am shown here is beyond me!” he exclaimed. “Whether you are Malinké or Guerzé, the center treats you no different.”

His family members, all followers of the area’s predominant religion, were impressed too. “My village was amazed at the treatment I received at the center!” The village, Siguiri, is 300 miles from Hope.

Now, whenever he learns of anyone there who is sick, this gentleman arranges for them to travel to N’Zérékoré so he can accompany them to Hope. He has referred 158 people; the morning Moise spoke with him, he had just brought another patient for treatment.

This elderly gentleman is used to how things are handled at Hope; he asks the staff to pray with the sick, bowing his head and closing his eyes to pray along. He is convinced that there is no place like Hope!

What You Can Do

Pray for the salvation of the elderly gentleman with whom Moise spoke as well as for all of his family members living in Siguiri.   

Donate to CAMA. Partner with us to offer-through word and deed-the hope of Christ to thousands of the poor and displaced around the world.

Learn More

Read the article “A River of Hope” in the March 2010 issue of alife for more about Hope Medical Center’s life-giving ministry.


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