Elections Again?

U.S. citizens are breathing a collective sigh of relief this week. Political attack ads for 2010 are done.

Despite surviving one of the most acrimonious election seasons in recent memory, Americans haven’t had to contend with what Guineans have dealt with since the first round of their presidential elections began on June 17, 2010. “The second round has been set and postponed about four times,” reported an Alliance staff worker on Wednesday who serves in the West African nation, one of the poorest countries in the region.

The next proposed election date is Sunday, November 7. After 52 years of authoritarian rule, the election is supposed to be the first democratic poll in Guinea’s history, the BBC reported.


“With each delay, tensions have risen and clashes have broken out between the two largest ethnic groups-the Fulani and the Maninka-who support the candidates from their respective people groups,” the Alliance worker said.  “Last week, violence broke out when two busloads of Fula arrived about midday in Mamou after being expelled from their homes in Maninka cities. Some of their relatives had been killed and their shops looted.”

“When they got off the bus,” the worker continued, “people were enraged and surged through the city center looking for Maninkas so that they could do the same to them. Thankfully, the military stepped in quickly and prevented a serious incident.”

What You Can Do

“Please pray that Guineans will not resort to violence and that the election will finally take place so that the country can begin to function again,” our Alliance worker requested. “Pray for opportunities for Christians to represent Christ in all of this.”

Donate to Alliance Great Commission Ministries. In doing so you stand with Alliance workers worldwide, many of whom face daunting challenges representing Christ among those who don’t know Him.

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Read about Hope Clinic’s powerful, healing ministry in Guinea through Alliance Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), the relief and development arm of the Alliance.


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