Robbery Thwarted through Child’s Prayer

By an Alliance international worker, serving in Burkina Faso

The following is an adapted excerpt from the worker’s recent prayer letter.

My husband took the bus last week to Ouagadougou, Burkina’s capital, arriving in the evening after the sun had set. He then got into the back of a taxi and headed to the C&MA guesthouse. His computer bag was resting in his lap, his right elbow propped up in the open window.

As the taxi slowed, a man on a motorcycle drove up beside it, reached in, and grabbed the computer bag, trying to jerk it out of the open window. Fortunately, my husband had his hand resting on the bag and was able to grab it quickly, as well as grasp the man’s arm. The man pulled his arm away, sped through a red light, and turned down another street to make his getaway. Although shaken, my husband was so thankful that he still had his computer and that the thief hadn’t accomplished what he’d set out to do.

Prayer’s Power

As he recounted this story to me over the phone, my eyes were opened to the miracle of God’s protection, and how He uses prayer to accomplish His purposes.

You see, our 12-year-old son had prayed before dinner that night, “Please protect Dad and help no one to rob him.“ I had thought it was interesting that he’d prayed this, since we hardly ever talk about robberies and have never had anything happen to us that would heighten our kids’ awareness to this particular danger. I immediately forgot about the whole thing, until God reminded me of it when my husband was telling me this story.

How incredible that God would place it on Daniel’s heart to pray for his dad in such a way. It was exactly what Kevin needed—just one hour later. God is so good! May this be an encouragement to you of His faithfulness!

What You Can Do

This Christmas, consider giving a year-end gift to Alliance Great Commission Ministries. In doing so, you partner with Alliance workers to bring the good news of peace on earth to lost people.


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