Prayer Raises Child from the Dead

By Alliance international workers, serving in Burkina Faso

Prayer is the primary work of God’s people.  (An Alliance core value based on Philippians 4:6-7.)

Recently, Pastor Tandamba shared a story about a mother who brought her sick child to the church for prayer. After taking one look at the little boy, the pastor said: “It is too late; the child has died.” He then accompanied the mother and her son to a local clinic, where medical staff confirmed that the little boy was deceased. From there, the three were dispatched to another clinic to secure a death certificate.

Pastor Tandamba described to us how he prayed for the boy ceaselessly throughout the process, beginning at the church and while he accompanied the woman and her child from clinic to clinic.

When the three arrived at the last clinic, the doctor asked to take a look at the boy before signing the paperwork for the death certificate. While he was conducting the examination, the child let out a cry.

Everyone at the scene was completely amazed—the power of prayer had prevailed!

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