Set Free in Congo

By Steve and Debbi Clouser, serving in Burkina Faso

Earlier this month, Steve Clouser, pastor of the Ouaga 2000 Church in Burkina, led a seminar on spiritual warfare in the Republic of the Congo. It coincided with the Sangu ya Mbote (RSM) radio station’s 10-year anniversary celebration in Pointe Noire, Congo. Read about his fruitful trip in the following adapted excerpt of the recent Clouser Update.

We would like to thank all of you for praying for my ministry trip in Congo. The Lord blessed in remarkable ways—more than we expected. Our efforts were not without resistance but, through your prayers, we prevailed, and the Lord’s Name was glorified.

The first obstacle was my visa. A man had been paid to do the paperwork so the visa would be ready for my arrival in Congo, March 6. Well, the man took the money but he didn’t do the work. After many SOS prayer requests, and a number of trips to the immigration office, my visa paper suddenly appeared, duly stamped and signed. I got to the radio station in Pointe Noire a day late for the seminar.

Hundreds Attend Seminar, Celebration

Since I couldn’t appear the first night, the group had an evening of praise and intercession—something the Congolese Christians do very well. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32) was the seminar’s theme verse. We saw approximately 350 people each night; about 400 attended the last night; but it’s impossible to know how many heard the Word, since some portions of the seminar were broadcast over the radio.

A meeting hall that seats approximately 600 people was rented Saturday night to celebrate the radio station’s 10-year anniversary. Many more people stood outside of the building. I was asked to give an inspirational, evangelistic message. Although the indoor audience was predominantly made up of Christians, many standing outside the facility prayed to receive Christ when the invitation was given.

Jesus’ Name Is Glorified

Many sought appointments for prayer during the week. We formed a team comprised of field workers Wyman and Carma Nelson and the radio director and his wife (Nicaise and Fabienne) to receive people and assist me in praying for them. Nicaise and his wife were invaluable in helping us to understand some of the cultural issues behind what people shared during the prayer sessions. 

We prayed for 40 people in Pointe Noire and saw some dramatic change in people’s lives. We tried to avoid demonic manifestations during these prayer sessions, but sometimes, in the course of praying with people, these manifestations occured; when this happened, we cast the demons out. One woman rejoiced over her seven- or eight-year-old daughter. “I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed. “My daughter is delivered!  We tried many times and no one could do it; all this man did was pray in the Name of Jesus!”

In Brazzaville, Congo’s capital, I gave the same seminar on Monday and Tuesday.  Of the 40 people who attended—pastors, Bible school students, and laypeople—we prayed for about 10.  On the second night, some of the people we had prayed for testified that they were set free in the Name of Jesus. 

This is the fruit of your prayers: Not only were people saved and delivered from demonic oppression, but Jesus’ Name was glorified in the Republic of the Congo. Thank you for praying!

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Read another article by Steve and Debbie Clouser, “Won by Joy,” which describes exciting ministry returns in Burkina Faso.


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