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U. S. Alliance Pastor Is Spiritual Advisor to Kenya’s Presidential Candidate

The following is an account by Rev. Richard Mirpuri, Word of Grace (Alliance) Church in Chicago, Illinois, of how God orchestrated a meeting between Rev. Mirpuri and one of Kenya’s presidential candidates, Dr. Dr. George Luchiri Wajackoyah. “All glory and honor goes to God,” says the Alliance pastor, who is looking forward to sharing the gospel in unexpected venues.

Alliance Chaplain Responds to Joplin Tornado

On the heels of serving in tornado-ravaged Arkansas a month ago, Alliance Chaplain Paul Northcut now is in Joplin, Missouri, where at least 89 people perished in an EF4 tornado, Sunday, May 22. “Please keep this situation in your prayers,” says Paul. “I will be one of many chaplains helping there. We will need a lot of grace as we deal with the tragedy and loss of life.”

The End of the World + Harold Camping + Math = One Big Problem

I have a book in my library titled 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988. I never read it. But, I like to have it on my shelf.

The Alliance in Japan one year later

In Japan, God Does the Impossible for Alliance Church-Planting Coordinators

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Japan, sending a 130 foot tall tsunami crashing into the coast. Harry and Jane Landaw, feeling Jesus’ call to serve, share their story of God’s miraculous provision of a home in the middle of one of the hardest hit regions.

A Taste of Koutiala

“I want to tell you about some amazing children who probably wouldn’t be alive today if they hadn’t received medical care outside of their villages,” writes pediatrician Jason Foster who works at Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children” in Mali, one of the poorest countries on earth. “Thankfully, they were able to come to Koutiala.”

Island People Hear the Good News

“We thought we might begin feel a bit claustrophobic on such a little island” says Alliance international worker Gordon Munro, […]

Called to “the Ends of the Earth”

By Jessica Schaeffer, RN Editor’s note: Recent research shows that more than 2 million babies and mothers die worldwide each […]

In Former “Killing Fields,” Youth Flock to Jesus

“Well over 700 Cambodian youth attended a conference on April 6-9, 2011,” write Alliance workers Soeuth and Syna Lao. “It was an overwhelming experience, especially on the first evening of the event; the youth committees didn’t quite know how to handle such a big group!” Read more . . .

“The Greatest Opportunity of this Century”

Less than 1 percent of people in North Africa—more 300 million people—have yet to hear the liberating truth of the gospel. Learn how you can partner with The Alliance to change the world’s spiritual landscape forever.

The Face of The Alliance

The following is adapted from a recent update by Tim and Penny Iverson, who serve among the working class in […]


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