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FATEAC Partnership Helps Heal Nation’s Wounds

“They fired on our bus [when we were] fleeing Abidjan last March; my seatmate—who was shot in the back—died in my arms . . . I’ve been tormented by these images until this seminar, but now I am at peace.” Read how Alliance people are bringing emotional healing—in Jesus’ Name—to Ivoirians traumatized by the recent war.

Partner with Alliance Workers to Save Children’s Lives

Learn how you can partner with Alliance workers—from your desktop!—to rescue children from death and share Christ’s eternal hope with them and their families.

A Beacon of Hope for Japan

Although the coastal town had been pulverized by the waves, a small church had escaped the tsunami’s reach. The sanctuary had been transformed into a relief center, where 200 people were coming each day to receive clothing, food, and water. This humble church of 10 people was profoundly impacting its community!

U.S. Alliance Church in Maine Builds Cross-Cultural Bridges

A smiling, poncho-clad Native American woman, her long hair braided neatly behind her, carries a hollowed out deer horn filled […]

U.S. Alliance Pastor Baptizes New Believers in the Jordan River

The dove hovered over the Word of Grace group, even while there were other groups in the water for baptism at the same time. This left such an impression upon the new believers that many of them openly wept through the whole event.”

Vietnam Church Celebrates 100 Years

In 1968, Communist forces invaded the Banmethuot Leprosy Center, killing five Alliance workers and a volunteer layman. When Vietnam fell to Communist control in 1975, The Alliance had established a national church with a membership of 53,000. Today, the Tin Lanh Church of Vietnam is celebrating 100 years of ministry.

Alliance Church Provides Hope through Ongoing Post-Katrina Efforts

“We are very excited about the progress of Freedom Hall in Gulfport! When was the last time you saw youngsters installing tile? They not only do it; they are really good at it!

2011 Ballot Election Results

The election results from The General Council of The Christian & Missionary Alliance on May 25-29, 2011 in Kansas City, MO.

You Are With Me Now

It all began with a lesson the Lord taught me while I was on an international ministry assignment without my wife. I had several hours alone in a large city I had never visited before, so I took a long walking tour.


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