Partner with Alliance Workers to Save Children’s Lives

By pediatrician Brett MacLean, serving at Koutiala Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mali, West Africa

One in five children never reaches the age of five in Mali. Since Koutiala hospital opened its doors there in 2006, thousands of little ones have escaped death because of Alliance peoples’ partnership with dedicated workers like Dr. Brett and his wife, Sheri, a family nurse practitioner. In the following adapted excerpt from the MacLean’s recent update, learn how you can help rescue children—from your desktop.

beforeAwa was desperate. Fourteen-year-old Fatoumata, her only child, was gravely ill.

When Awa brought her to the hospital, the teenager was wasting away. Despite constantly eating and drinking, she didn’t have any strength to get out of bed except to go to the bathroom every hour.

Thankfully, we were able to identify Fatoumata’s illness. She is the first juvenile (insulin-dependent) diabetic that we’ve diagnosed here.

We asked the family to pay the first $100 as an investment in Fatoumata’s care, and then we offered to cover the rest of her future expenses through our work fund. Within a few days of starting her insulin, life returned to Fatoumata’s countenance.

Extreme Challenges

Childhood-onset diabetes is an illness that requires extreme exactitude—a controlled diet, precise quantities of refrigerated insulin injected at least twice a day, and blood sugars analyzed and interpreted to make necessary insulin dosage adjustments.

Now imagine that scenario taking place in one of the poorest countries of the world, where patients and their relatives are mostly illiterate, electricity is rare, and food availability depends upon the time of the year in relation to the harvest.

But there is hope.

A New Name

afterDuring the past four months she’s been hospitalized, we’ve been able to help Fatoumata learn to read; she’s also been trained to give herself insulin shots, and check whether her blood sugar is elevated. She has interacted with our staff—all followers of Christ—and she now desires to follow Him, too.

Fatoumata even wants to change her name to Elizabeth—an outward sign of her inward change.  

Our heartfelt thanks go to you for your gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF), which allows us to give gravely ill children, like Fatoumata, quality care instead of sending them home to die.

What You Can Do Right Now

Pray! Pray that Fatoumata will be able to manage her diabetes well once she leaves the hospital. Pray for Koutiala staff workers to daily experience the Lord’s peace, wisdom, and strength as they contend with limited resources while treating numbers of children with life-threatening illnesses.

Give to the Great Commission Fund online. In doing so, you partner with Alliance workers, like the MacLeans, to rescue children from death and share Christ’s eternal hope with them and their families.

Learn More

Read another gripping article by Dr. Brett about how the GCF is helping to save Malian orphans’ lives.  

Just several years after Koutiala hospital opened its doors, a remarkable 5,000 babies had been delivered successfully.

Check out the Koutiala hospital Web site. Note: Clicking on this link will take you off of the C&MA Web site.


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