“Real Ministry” for Thai Children

By Ed and Sue Danneker, serving in Thailand

Have you ever thought about taking a short-term trip to advance God’s Kingdom in an exotic location like Thailand? Recently, we were blessed with two Envision teams that impacted many young lives for eternity during their brief stay.

girl with umbrella imageOn May 4, 2012, five enthusiastic students from Simpson University in Redding, California, rolled into the town of Mahachai for a ministry-packed weekend. They started on Friday, meeting some of our teens and area children. Then, we headed to the streets for an extensive prayer walk.

Making Connections

On Saturday morning, we hosted a music festival at church. The ice broke as the teens in attendance warmed up to the team. The local children were thrilled when some of the American college students played soccer with them.

That afternoon at a local park, a group of teens participated in a scavenger hunt with the Simpson team. Later we went to one of the biggest area markets to distribute Christian literature and go shopping.

On Sunday, the team members connected with our English students. They met Non, a young man studying to be a judge, who hung out with the group later in the week. The team’s special music, testimonies, and preaching blessed during the worship service.

Team Two

The second Envision team of four young people ministered with us  June 16–17. Several of them are interested in returning to Thailand to serve the Lord long term.

Nong Yiw imageOnly a few Thai teens came for the music on Saturday morning, so the team focused on the children. Pastor Somkit’s 11- year-old son, Nong Yiw, a budding evangelist, gathered many of the neighborhood kids to play games with the group.

In the afternoon and evening, we visited some Thai church members. On Sunday, students from Sue’s English class for young professionals connected with the team members through the interaction and activities. Their testimonies and special music during the worship service were a blessing.

Two of the team members volunteered to help with the children’s church. This was great, because, again, Nong Yiw had gathered a large group of friends and acquaintances for the Sunday service.

What we love about these and other short-term teams is that real ministry happens. God arranges just the right people at just the right time.

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  • Read about the 4/14 Window—youth from 4 to 14 years old, the group most open to spiritual input—in the January 15, 2012, issue of Alliance Life.

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