Alliance Workers Safe amid Violence in Guadalajara

Last week, 22 “narco blockades” occurred in the state of Jalisco, seven of them within a two-hour period in the Guadalajara metro area, according to Alliance international workers in Mexico. These blockades, which impede the military from responding to drug-related violence, are becoming increasingly common.

“There are conflicting reports about what motivated the torching of cars, buses, and semis on major roads, but there is no doubt that the drug cartels were behind it,” the workers write. “One blockade was less than a mile from one of the Alliance churches.

“Church people who live nearby said they heard sirens and helicopters flying overhead. No one was killed, but much damage was done.  Fortunately, we do not feel threatened or that our ability to move about in or outside the church has been altered.”

What You Can Do

  • Pray for protection of Alliance workers, their national colleagues, and Alliance church members. Also, pray that people’s frustration and insecurity will open hearts to the gospel.
  • Learn more about ministry in Mexico by reading “Just Across the Rio,” in the November 2009 issue of Alliance Life.


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