Triple-Miracle Road Trip

By an Alliance international worker, serving in West Africa

The following is an adapted excerpt from the family’s recent update about their work, which includes ministry to Alliance international worker teams.

A few weeks ago my husband was driving back to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital, when disaster struck.

He was in the middle of the African bush, about two hours from the city, when—unable to swerve because of oncoming traffic—he hit a large pothole. The impact broke the bolt holding the three-part leaf spring attached to the trailer he was hauling.

As you probably know, we don’t have AAA in Burkina Faso. We also don’t have service stations alongside the road to assist with vehicle breakdowns. But we do have a God who works in incredible ways!

Beating the Odds

Right after the accident, my husband experienced three miracles.

  • He was able to find all three parts of the scattered spring, including one that was quite small. If it had landed a foot further off the road, it would have been in the tall grass—out of sight.
  • Immediately after the breakdown, a pastor stopped to help; he was accompanied by a bike mechanic knowledgeable about vehicle repairs. All three men agreed that the broken bolt had to be replaced in order to continue hauling the trailer.
  • Remembering that he had one bolt at his house, the bicycle mechanic pedaled home to find it. When he brought it back, it was the exact size needed! The odds of that happening are remote, but this was a reminder that we serve a God who beats incredible odds!

Thanks for praying for the miracles—God keeps them coming!

What You Can Do


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