Pray for Poipet

By Kandi Lay, serving in Cambodia

flooding photo image“How high are the waters at your house?” That seems to be the question of the week in Poipet. When a Thai dam released some of its water, several neighborhoods in Poipet experienced flooding. Around the same time, a large storm came through the area, bringing a lot of rain. And so the flood waters rose.

My neighborhood is on higher ground, so I had no idea the floods had arrived until I tried to go to church last Sunday. The road I usually take to the church was under water. Using another street that hadn’t flooded as much, I was able to make it to the service and was surprised at the number of attendees. Even flood waters don’t keep God’s people from coming together to worship!

Pray for those affected by the flooding. Our church’s youth leader said the water at his house is over his head. He and his family are living in the upper part of their home and travel in and out on inner-tube rafts.

With all the water, there are safety and health concerns. Also, some of the farmers in outlying villages have lost their rice crops. For those already struggling to support their families, this is a big blow.

What You Can Do


  • Pray for God’s provision for people who lost their crops. Also, pray that believers will demonstrate Christ’s love to those in need.
  • Join the Alliance family in praying for our international workers in Cambodia and worldwide, who are sharing Christ’s love with hurting people. Use the Weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you.


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