Mehama Community Church, an Alliance-affiliated congregation, is pastored by Troy Gulstrom.

stairs“I ran my life. I’d never given up any independence.”

This is how Diane describes her life before she began attending Mehama (Ore.) Community Church. Diane spent 14 years “hibernating” in the house her father had built on the Santiam River east of Salem, caring for her aging mom.

A Caring Friend

Four years ago, her mom unexpectedly died, and Diane felt an emptiness in her heart. She began to drink again after years of sobriety, and in March 2009, she tripped and severely injured her knee and hip on her way to an AA meeting.

The recovery was long and slow. Living in a house with 48 steps inside meant Diane needed help. Brenda, a local librarian, was one of the people helping. One day Brenda said, “I have my whole church praying for you.” Diane told her that when she could leave the house, she’d like to come to church and thank them for their prayers.

A New Creation

Everything changed for Diane when that day came in February 2011.

When Diane describes her new life of surrender to Jesus, she doesn’t hold back. “I’m 68, and I’m getting to be an adult finally because I have for the first time surrendered to Jesus. God’s been hanging on to me all these years. But Jesus is so new to me now—I feel like I have been born again.

“He’s got me. He’s in charge.”

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