Divine Connections

Several months ago, I was struggling with whether to clean my house or to do what I came here to do—reach lost people with the good news of Jesus. I hoped to find a housekeeper, but it is difficult to procure part-time help for a reasonable salary.

One day I sat on the porch to pray, telling God I had no more time to devote to my house, and would He please send someone really good, as He has in the past.

The next morning I went to market as usual. I saw a woman who stuck out to me for some reason, and I asked her if she wanted a job. After thinking about it overnight, she agreed.

I knew Mop had been the one God was thinking of. She turned out to be a wonderful help and has become a friend. She and her husband work hard to support their two children. Mop’s son is enrolled in a good school, and he has become the first member of their family who is able to read.

Recently, her son has been saying they should not go to the temple anymore. “We don’t need to, Mom!” he said the other day. I wondered what God was doing in his heart.

Praying for Open Doors

I have been praying for Mop and her family, asking the Lord to make a way to talk about spiritual things. I have shared a bit about how God led me to her and have been telling her about other ways He works in my life. She is starting to become interested.

I’ve also been asking Him for opportunities to talk about such topics with her neighbors. A fortune teller in the area often grabs my hand as I pass by, offering to tell me my fortune. She would do it for free, and she is always disappointed when I tell her I do not need her services.

I like her, though, and wonder who she is beneath Satan’s misuse of her. Many of the families that live in the houses nearby have spent much money trying to appease the spirits with her help. I often sit at her little table covered with candles, incense, and playing cards. As we chat, I pray for her silently. She is not a happy woman, as Mop is.

But yesterday, Mop was miserable when I stopped by her house. She had taken out a microenterprise loan from a young man she trusted, but her money was lost in a pyramid scheme. She had used the deed to her land as collateral and is in danger of losing the property.

God Is Bigger

There is literally no hope for Mop to reclaim her deed, considering the lack of justice here. I sat down with her yesterday and told her that I could not help at all, but God could. He is bigger than all of this. I had the privilege of speaking to God on her behalf and telling her that she could cry out to Him herself.

And the young man who ran off with her money? He is the son of the fortune teller for whom I have been praying for many months. I stopped by her table this morning. She wasn’t there, but I prayed over the table. What are You doing, God? You are bigger than all of this!

Oh, that God would not only solve the financial difficulties of this family I have come to love but also break the spiritual bondage of this entire neighborhood. Please join me in praying for them all.

—Adapted from a prayer letter by Heather Williams, who serves in Cambodia with her husband, Jeff

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