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John Stumbo President, U.S. C&MA

John Stumbo is the President of the U.S. C&MA and is a frequent contributor to Alliance Life and other magazines. John has also written two books, An Honest Look at a Mysterious Journey, and In The Midst.


Expectancy and Anticipation

In the final days leading up to Council, two words continue to shape my posture: expectancy and anticipation.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 17

What are the voices, the noise, the messages that work their way into our mind and begin to have influence?


“Let’s celebrate the anniversary!” A National Office employee pitched an idea to me. Twenty-five years ago the leaders of The […]


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 16

“What man intends for evil, God is actually turning around on its head and using it for good and drawing people to Himself.”


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 15

As you see the beauty of this fall season, as you look at the beauty of the Bride of Christ—your church—may your blood pressure go down a few points. May your joy and cause for worship rise within you.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 14

We really don’t need smaller problems. We need a bigger view of God—a God who looks into every believer’s heart and says, “I am making you more than you are in and of yourself.”


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 13

What kind of waiting renews strength? Those who wait upon the Lord with an eager anticipation that He is going to show up, that He is active, that He’s at work in this world—that kind of waiting renews strength.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 12

John reflects on the collective privilege of preachers to stand before God’s people and bring the Word of God as spokespersons of eternal truths.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 11

John shares an aspect of what has been going on in his heart this year; how the lostness of man, though a significant aspect of our calling, is not a sustainable motivation for ministry. The love of God that gave Jesus to this world is the love that continues to send us to the world.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 10

“Eight days later his disciples were in the house again…Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, ‘Peace be with you.’” If they had understood that the Spirit who had raised Christ from the dead had now been given to them, why were they still huddling behind locked doors? Let’s leave them for a moment, and let me ask us: are we still huddling in some locked place of fear, not fully understanding or experiencing that which the Spirit of God wants to grant to us and do in us?


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