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John Stumbo President, U.S. C&MA

John Stumbo has filled many roles with The Alliance over the past 30 years, including pastor, administrator, District Superintendent and most recently President of the U.S. C&MA. John’s life opened up to the work of the Holy Spirit during the LIFE ’76 conference in St. Louis. “I live with a lifetime of gratitude for God’s continued pursuit,” he wrote. A frequent contributor to alife and other magazines, John has also written two books, An Honest Look at a Mysterious Journey, and In The Midst.


John Stumbo video blog – MESSAGE No. 7 – February 2014

Watch as John shares how God has raised up The Alliance to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every segment of human society. And we must have all hands of deck—fully passionate, fully committed, and working together for what He is calling the C&MA to be and to do.


John Stumbo video blog – MESSAGE No. 6 – January 2014

Watch as John Stumbo shares the leadership (or chief executive officer) aspects of his role as president and begins to articulate the vision that God has given to the C&MA.

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John Stumbo video blog – MESSAGE No. 5 – December 2013

C&MA President John Stumbo invites pastors and workers to “receive what God is bringing to us, to the point where it’s something we treasure—hold as holy, to be reflected on.”


John Stumbo video blog – MESSAGE No. 4 – November 2013

Watch as C&MA President John Stumbo invites pastors and workers to the same passion that stirred Simpson’s heart “ the remedy for our spiritual situation in New York is the repentance of professing Christians, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the revival of evangelistic work in the Christian Church.”


John Stumbo video blog – MESSAGE No. 3 – October 2013

In this, his third monthly video blog, C&MA President John Stumbo invites pastors and workers to “Leave your sails up, my friends. Persevere with me in this great work to which we have been called.”


John Stumbo Video blog – MESSAGE No. 2 – September 2013

God is speaking… are we listening? In this, his second monthly video blog, C&MA President John Stumbo invites pastors and workers to “stay in the conversation.”


John Stumbo Video Blog – MESSAGE No. 1 – August 2013

I’d like to start a conversation with Alliance lead pastors concerning the issues we face together in ministry.


A New Era Begins

Life is lived one day at a time; but some days feel more significant than others.


My Only Chance

I recently had the privilege of presenting a seminar in Tampa, Florida to the C&MA Council delegates on the topic of Christ Our Sanctifying Healer.


You’ve Heard the News

So, the word is out: we’ve received a new assignment. As of August 1, I will be the president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I can’t describe to you what I’m feeling as I type those words.


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