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balehookThe True Meaning of Christmas

Bale, celebrating her first Christmas this year as a believer, was headed down a dark path when she met an Alliance international worker.

christmas-world8 Photos of Christmas Around the World

See how Christ’s birth is celebrated in various Alliance fields around the world.

born-for-purpose-babyBorn for a Purpose

Jesus’ coming into the world continues today as we enter the lives of those in our communities and across the globe. These three stories capture the lasting impact of His birth.

kosovo-year-end-bannerThis God Who Loves

We feel blessed to be the first believers in our village.

asia-universityUniversity Students Talk about Life and Faith

A Millennial value transcends the East-West cultural divide.

aleppo-syriaAleppo Update: Keep Praying!

Plans to evacuate besieged rebel districts in Aleppo have been threatened by renewed air strikes and shelling.

aleppo-syriaAn Alliance Call to Prayer for Aleppo

The Alliance church in Aleppo continues to minister in the midst of the fighting.

yazidis-bannerBring Help and Hope to a People Betrayed to ISIS

The needs are great, and hearts are open for this season. The opportunity and responsibility is ours to respond.

burkina-bannerOutreach Unifies Divided Believers

“When believers look for ways to work together and find common ground, Christ pours out His blessings; we experienced that in our city.”

praise-1The Message of Life

History and Scripture remind us that calamity will continue to visit us—especially during the end times—until Christ’s awaited return. Meanwhile, we have a sacred message to blazon.

wetzel-bannerAn Anchoring Hope in Tempestuous Times

Volatile events cannot and do not nullify Jesus’ authority, the Father’s purposes, or the promise of a good outcome.

jerusalemHoliday in the Holy Land

The stage is set for greatness.

unity-bannerA Perspective on Unity Amid Fracturing Institutions

The Church can’t create the unity our nation needs, but we can deliver it for the One who can.

aids-bannerWorld AIDS Day: 13 Years in Cambodia

Many HIV/AIDS patients have come to faith in Jesus.

chopsticksOur First AIDS Patient

An Alliance worker overcomes her fear of contracting an incurable illness to share Christ’s hope with a dying man.