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Alliance Life Receives Coveted Award

The Evangelical Press Association bestows its highest denominational print magazine honor.

Finding the Lost Lamb

“Ella was relieved that our battle is a spiritual one, and she didn’t feel like she was going crazy anymore.”

33 Envision Interns Prepare for Ministry

They came from all over the United States to the Envision Cleveland site for four days in the beginning of March for spiritual, cultural, and practical preparation.

Jesus Has Heard Your Prayer

“I couldn’t respond when I was on the stretcher, but when I heard your group praying for me I knew I’d be healed.”

Voices of the Resurrection

Irrefutable Evidence of the Risen Christ

“I Know God Wants to Heal Me”

A young mom had run out of money for her cancer treatments and asked for prayer.

Freedom through Surrender to Jesus

“Before, my life was full of worry; now I’m a child of God!”

“I Think God Can Forgive That”

In battling the discouragement of ministering in a spiritually resistant region, an Alliance worker shares a Kingdom “win.”

Father, Forgive Them

Following Jesus’ example to love through words and deeds of empathy and forgiveness

8×8 Joins the Alliance Purchasing Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Colorado Springs, Colo. – The Alliance Purchasing Program, launched at Council 2015, provides Alliance districts, churches, and […]

Texting with Jesus

Perhaps God arranged our meeting just in time to inject our Savior’s name into his life in a moment of crisis.

Crossing the Ocean to Hear the Gospel

“Do all these people believe in God?” asked Edmund, who had never been to church. “Will it insult them that I have my own beliefs?”

Free at Last

Alliance workers share how the gospel is releasing new believers from spiritually oppressive cultural practices.

“I Have My Life Back!”

A man whose friends had abandoned him receives his sight at Bongolo Hospital’s eye clinic.

Our Faithful Healer

“Christ’s healing presence surprised and invigorated everyone who experienced it and stirred a new interest in the things of God.”