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Charles Williams

A national evangelist, Charles was the field representative of the C&MA in charge of Black Ministries (now known as the African-American Pastors’ Association).

The C&MA Celebrates Black History Month

African Americans played a significant role in early Alliance history.

Reaching the Lost through American Sign Language

God has given the Church American Sign Language to proclaim the gospel message to deaf and hard-of-hearing people and across various racial and socioeconomic divides.

Our God Doesn’t Give Up on Us

Each year, hundreds of people came to Christ through Bongolo Hospital’s ministry; Stoll is one of the first to do so in 2018.

Out-Matched, Yet Not Shrinking Back

A New Year reflection on “the perfect place for faith to lead the way.”

Church Building Dedication Unites Kosovo Community

A church in Kosovo dedicates their new facility after waiting 10 years.

Update: The Lord Added to their Number

More than 200 Vili adults and as many of their youth have come to Christ in 11 villages.

Seniors Help Church Plant Reach Addicts and Homeless

“Each person who participated in this trip now realizes that the most important part of missions is taking the time to get to know someone who is not like you,” says Pastor Larry Sundin.

A Safe Place for Policemen

“We need a safe place for policemen to go,” says Pastor Tim Rupp. “I want those in law enforcement to realize that there are a lot of good people out there who support them.”

Send Someone!

“Sending our [church planting] leaders not only blessed new communities, but it also has blessed our church because it’s kept us humble, prayerful, and dependent,” Pastor Chris Hruska says.

Racial Reconciliation through Church Planting

“We believe that a multiethnic community of believers is the gospel,” Pastor Robbie Edalgo says.

Dakar Prison Outreach “Best Ever”

Alliance team members helped organize Christmas ministry events in three prisons, featuring a popular Senegalese Christian singer.

Your Gifts Transform Lives Like Aisha’s

Gifts to the Alliance Year-End Offering ensure hurting people can have new beginnings in Jesus.

A Christmas Surprise

A drunken man was walking around our yard talking gibberish. What do you do in a situation like this?

Overcoming Evil with Good on the Shores of Spain

Some 80 million tourists come to Spain each year. In 2017 several thousand of them were not tourists at all but agents of the Kingdom.