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Psalmist’s Truths Conquer Curse

Psalmist’s Truths Conquer Curse

I imagined the 12 years of pain and sorrow, disgrace, and humiliation she had endured.

Children Proclaim the Gospel

Children Proclaim the Gospel

After making Jesus Lord of his life, Jeremiah wanted to share the good news too.

A Costly Decision

A Costly Decision

Jesus loves me so much; I can no longer say “no” to Him.


Helping Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

A team from Derwood Alliance Church helps a veteran experiencing homelessness move into permanent housing.


Team Spirit

In his 20th season with the Colts and third year as lead pastor of Eagle Church, Eric Simpson pours out his life for the sake of others.


The Trick to Loving Others

There is no such thing as an unlovable person or church. We must choose to use the well of God’s love in our hearts to bless others.

Pastor Al baptized Brenda August 9, 2015.

Clean in Body and Soul

“When I opened my heart and truly asked God for help, virtually instantly I didn’t even want to drink or take drugs anymore.”


Former Atheist Adopted into God’s Family

Pray for H. as he grows in his faith and considers being baptized in the future.

Papua baptism

From Idol Worshipers to Jesus Followers

In front of hundreds of witnesses, the influential war chief—who had killed and cannibalized his victims—burned his fetishes.

Numerous campers each year pray to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior at Haven Camps.

Alliance Camp Prioritizes Loving the Unlovely

For more than 40 years, Delta Lake Bible Conference Center (Rome, New York) has run Haven Camps for individuals with […]


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