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Prominent Official Trusts in Jesus

“Jesus always seemed to show up when I needed Him.”


All Things New

“I’m sorry to say that I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God.”

Carol Silva (center)

You’re Being Watched

We left, not realizing that we had been observed—but Carol remembered our faces.


Choosing the Kingdom of Light

They are probably the only Christians in this village. They will be watched . . .

“My life is an example of the radical transformation available through relationship with Jesus!” says Sidiki. Photo courtesy of the author

Prodigal Son

I laughed. To believe I could be forgiven for the evil I’d committed? Impossible!

They said they loved the service but were Catholics and would not be back.

Alliance Marriage Retreat Has Lasting Impact

They said they loved the service but were Catholics and would not be back.


Ordinary Evangelism

“Our work can look quite ordinary,” a teammate adds. “Then, suddenly, it happens—God turns the ordinary into something extraordinary!”


Noodle Shop Encounter Leads to Salvation

There were tears in Preecha’s eyes as he watched Anne’s baptism. “I want to be baptized next,” he said.


A Woman of Peace

I had been praying that the Father would lead me to a “woman of peace” who could connect me with the entire community.


Ad Leads Blind Man to Good News

The husband, who is blind, said that when he heard our voices, he knew that God wanted us to meet.


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