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Ready for baptism, siblings Bing and Zhiliang are now brothers in Christ.

A New Year for Chinese Brothers

Bing and Zhiliang were content to believe God did not exist and Christians were superstitious and uninformed.


The Power of Forgiveness

As people came to say their last apologies, Mah-nah started breathing again.


Finding Hope in Jesus

“I thought this was a disease that society regarded with hatred and prejudice.”


Alliance Ministry Is on Target

An Alliance pastor parallels biblical principles with archery to teach about God’s love.


Breaking the Chains

“It is so evident to our prison ministry team that God loves the lost.”


Prominent Official Trusts in Jesus

“Jesus always seemed to show up when I needed Him.”


All Things New

“I’m sorry to say that I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God.”

Carol Silva (center)

You’re Being Watched

We left, not realizing that we had been observed—but Carol remembered our faces.


Choosing the Kingdom of Light

They are probably the only Christians in this village. They will be watched . . .

“My life is an example of the radical transformation available through relationship with Jesus!” says Sidiki. Photo courtesy of the author

Prodigal Son

I laughed. To believe I could be forgiven for the evil I’d committed? Impossible!


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