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The Blind See

We were led to West Africa, where Mamajan awaited God to fulfill His promise “. . . seek, and you will find.”


Easter Evangelism

Riversiders are excited to share about their church and desire for their friends and neighbors to know Christ.

Momentum: LIFE 2016

LIFE 2016 Is About More than Fun and Games

This summer event challenges students to make decisions that will affect them for a lifetime.


More than Clothes

Like so many other ministries, what started small blossomed into something much bigger.

Love=Clean Water

Love=Clean Water

God’s love compelled the team to travel thousands of miles to install the wells.

Glory attended our women’s outreach, a regular event that includes dinner, making a craft, and a NCA woman’s testimony. Photo courtesy of an Alliance international worker

A Jesus Peoples’ Orchestra

Praise God for how He connected her with us through a “chance” encounter!

Holy Hour

Holy Hour

“This bar is shutting down for an hour, and all of you need to go to church.”


Happy 10th Birthday, Koutiala Hospital!

Government officials thanked hospital staff for improving the health of women and children.

No. 1 Witness: God's Amazing Work in Our World

No. 1 Witness: God’s Amazing Work in Our World

I started to tell her stories from the Bible. She kept asking for more.

Do You Want to Live with Jesus?

Do You Want to Live with Jesus?

The whole group listened quietly as the leader finished telling the story of the gospel.


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