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When, Then, Shall We Speak?

Four public discourse principles to employ when the media storm clouds roll in

When Someone You Love Is an Addict

An interview with Philip Dvorak, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and pastor of Recovery Church

Cleveland Gospel Quintet

All five decided to give up their jobs and go into full-time ministry.

James A. L. Trice

“I got most of my training on the field and found the hard experiences a means for growth in grace.”

Robert Page

The first African-American Alliance missionary

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Wilson

Raymond kept a journal of his sea journey as well as his first few months in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Anita (Bolden) Fitts

Anita helped shape what she calls the pioneer missionary heritage of The Alliance.

Will the Dream Ever Become Reality?

How will America—and the church—work through the current climate of disagreement and disunity reminiscent of the Civil War?

Carrie Elizabeth Merriweather

The first female African-American missionary to be sent by the C&MA

The Message of Life

History and Scripture remind us that calamity will continue to visit us—especially during the end times—until Christ’s awaited return. Meanwhile, we have a sacred message to blazon.


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