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Miracle Worker

Arriving home from the airport, an Alliance worker realized he left his bag and passport on the plane.

Liberty for the Captives

“I pretty much lived for drugs. If I had $10 to my name and hadn’t eaten in a week, I would still spend it on drugs. I should have been dead,” Sean says.

Update on Dayton, Ohio, Tornado Relief Efforts

Alliance churches in the area are radiating the love and compassion of Jesus in meaningful and tangible ways.

Dr. Timothy Meier, ATS Alumnus of the Year for Service to the Kingdom of God

Development Vice President Tim Meier receives ATS Alumnus of the Year Award.


The Great Commission Day matching challenge has been met–but The Alliance family says, “We’re not done yet!”

Alliance Council 2019 Saturday

Several Alliance workers carrying out their Acts 1:8 ministries—whether in a Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or ends-of-the earth context—bore witness that God remained true to His promise to bring forth fruit through even the most adverse and hopeless circumstances.

2019 Ballot Election Results

Below are the 2019 election results from Council 2019.

Alliance Council 2019 Friday

On Friday morning, John Stumbo reminded the family that through the thunderous roar of our inner and outer lives, the mighty voice of God can still be heard; that “His whisper can be louder than all the noise of the world once it penetrates the soul”—and that He remains enthroned as our Mighty King forever.

CAMA, Alliance Churches Respond to Dayton Tornadoes

CAMA Services, the Ohio Valley District, and Dayton Area Alliance churches are assisting devastated communities.

Alliance Council 2019 Thursday

Change for the sake of change can be cumbersome and futile; but in moving forward to places where the gospel has never been, change begins to look a lot like obedience to God’s leading.


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