John Stumbo

John Stumbo President, U.S. C&MA


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 42

This month, John shares part two of his message from Vietnam. He notes the oneness in the Body of Christ across cultures and joyfully repents of his “American superiority” after observing the gospel flourishing in this communist-ruled nation.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 41

President John Stumbo delivers a Christmas message from Vietnam.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 40

Enjoy the latest video blog from President John Stumbo, filmed at last month’s Quadrennial Convocation of the Alliance World Fellowship in Bangkok, Thailand.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 39

John engages a live audience at the C&MA National Office, encouraging the generations to understand each others’ differing values.


You Inspire Me

It’s Clergy Appreciation Month!


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 38

Recorded at Wheaton College after John spoke to 2,000 Hmong youth, this video blog recalls an emotionally low moment from John’s life in 2009 and a promise he made to God. If only he and his wife, Joanna, knew then what they know now, John says, “we would have lived with our heads a little higher and prayers a little bolder.”

Message 37

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 37

This month, John talks with Melissa (Mel) MacDonald, C&MA Children’s Disciplemaking consultant, about several key qualities of a great Christian leader. He also describes his respect for the influential prophet Jeremiah’s authenticity, and Mel introduces the C&MA Children’s Disciplemaking Leadership Certificate.


John Stumbo Video Blog No. 36

John shares his excitement about the energy and passion witnessed at LIFE 2016 in Kansas City among the 5,000 students and volunteers attending. Hundreds made decisions to follow Christ. John challenges Alliance leaders to make a way for these young people to launch into ministry. The video concludes with a montage of scenes from LIFE.

Missions Done Well, Missions Done Poorly

Missions Done Well, Missions Done Poorly

John’s two-part message (see Video Blogs #32 and #33) is combined in this video post in which he shares six points to illustrate missions done well versus missions done poorly. Missions done poorly is about “us.” The Alliance is committed to doing missions well, which involves incarnational ministry that ensures the local, indigenous church’s sustained ownership and brings lasting fruit.

Message 35

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 35

John shares two additional reflections from his time in Indonesia (see Video Blog No. 34). In the first, he engages the question: “How often has the form of our message of Jesus to the world become an obstacle?” John also shares an insight from John 13, which inspired him to perform an intimate act of service at the Indonesia National Church Conference.