John Stumbo

John Stumbo President, U.S. C&MA

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 54

This month, John interviews Terry Smith, the new vice president for Alliance Church Ministries.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 53

John brings Christmas greetings from an unexpected setting: a wedding in Colorado Springs. In his message about the Good Shepherd in Psalm 23, he explains how the Shepherd’s goodness and mercy, which is said to “follow” us (vs. 6) translates to “chases” us. “Christmas is a fantastic time for us to . . . share the good news that the God who would pursue us all the way from heaven welcomes us to the great wedding feast to come—Joy to the world! The Lord has come!”

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 52

John shares the keynote address he recently presented at a conference in Colorado Springs about the Alliance perspective on law and culture. From his PowerPoint titled “Our Fascinating Challenge: A Primer for Understanding Christian Engagement in a Post-Christian World,” John unpacks five points that lead to three applications for the U.S. Alliance family. “Let’s do this well,” he concludes, “living under His authority with all of His love living through us.”

Report on Puerto Rico for Alliance Churches

U.S. C&MA President John Stumbo reminds the Alliance family that we don’t grieve the impact of recent natural disasters without hope. Rather, with the love of God flowing through us, we will overcome.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 51

This month John reports from Puerto Rico in the destructive aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. He describes how Alliance people are assisting Puerto Rican churches and calls the U.S. Alliance to be moved with compassion on their behalf.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 50

In this, his 50th video blog since becoming president, John shares his thoughts on a number of issues, including the recent Resonate gathering, a new generation of Alliance church planters, the Church’s response to racism, pitching in to help Hurricane Harvey victims, a newly forming theology of risk, and the “hustle and bustle” of the return of fall ministry in our churches—reminding us that it’s the Spirit who leads us down this next stretch of the river, and we are simply to join His flow.

The Church Must Stand

It’s the Church that must continue to lead our world with Christ’s message of hope and reconciliation.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 49

This month, John takes us back to Council 2017 when he shared the message stirring in his spirit as he looked ahead to his second term as U.S. Alliance president. I trust you are challenged and inspired by his call to a greater level of ownership and engagement from The Alliance—one of God’s end-times families raised up to complete the Great Commission.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 48

Drawing from portions of his Friday morning Council message, John presents four practical methods for evangelism, while cautioning that each church must decide for itself how it wants to reach the unsaved in its community. Note: in this video, John mentions the book GOD in YOU. Order yours from the Alliance Service Center by calling toll-free 1-877-284-3262, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., MST.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 47

John offers a glimpse of Alliance Council 2017 through a captivating montage of video highlights from the event, reminding the Alliance family that the Spirit of God is at work to move us forward as He directs.