John Stumbo

John Stumbo President, U.S. C&MA

A Season of Change, Part Two – Stumbo Video Blog 76

John provides a fall Board of Directors meeting update on policy portions of the national conversations before the C&MA. “We’re sharpening the ax for greater mission fulfillment. It’s a good moment to be in The Alliance—don’t miss it!”

A Season of Change, Part One – Stumbo Video Blog 75

This month, John seeks to bring clarity to the conversations before The Alliance related to streamlining our organizational structures and reviewing guiding documents.

Video Blog Highlights – Stumbo Video Blog 74

A first this month for John’s video blog series. “We asked our newest videographer to compile my first six years of videos into a ‘highlights’ blog,” he says. “She did a great job capturing my heart and message—I trust you’ll be inspired!”

What Would You Like To Say? – Stumbo Video Blog 73

Reporting from the LIFE Conference in Orlando, John asks students, “What would you like to say to the current leaders of the American church?” Surprised and moved by their responses, he concludes, “I’m reminded it matters—it matters what we do. Let’s keep going!”

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 72

John summarizes the four commitments he made to the Alliance family during his Friday morning address at Council 2019, setting the tone for substantive conversations to come.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 71

In this recap of Alliance Council 2019, John recalls his message from Acts, using “Perga”—where John Mark turned back on the first missionary journey—as a metaphor to challenge our Alliance family. “Let’s go inward and upward together—face our Perga and move on, because God is calling us beyond.”

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 70

In part three of his three-part series addressing principles for healthy communications on topics about known conflict, John shares why seasons of change are powerful discipleship opportunities.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 69

John speaks to why our whole Alliance family must engage well in challenging, yet necessary conversations. We need to address how to more effectively complete our mission and make every effort to pass on the best form of our movement to the next generations.

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 68

John focuses this month on four principles for public discourse he’s discovered. These shape his thinking and behavior on when to speak and when to remain silent in our world’s “cauldron of cultural conflict.”

When, Then, Shall We Speak?

Four public discourse principles to employ when the media storm clouds roll in