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The Message of Life

History and Scripture remind us that calamity will continue to visit us—especially during the end times—until Christ’s awaited return. Meanwhile, we have a sacred message to blazon.


An Anchoring Hope in Tempestuous Times

Volatile events cannot and do not nullify Jesus’ authority, the Father’s purposes, or the promise of a good outcome.


A Perspective on Unity Amid Fracturing Institutions

The Church can’t create the unity our nation needs, but we can deliver it for the One who can.


World AIDS Day: 13 Years in Cambodia

Many HIV/AIDS patients have come to faith in Jesus.


A Lesson Learned on Michigan Avenue

The importance of listening to a person’s story


The Christ Follower’s Platform

The candidates’ campaigns were built on defaming their opposers. Ours mustn’t be.


What Our Country Needs Right Now

The Church is not exempt from political strife. What should set us apart is our response to it.

Alliance Family News SQUARE

Notice of Proposed Amendment to the General Bylaws

Notice To 2015 General Council Accredited Delegates Of Proposed Amendment To The General Bylaws Submitted To The General Council Committee On Rules In Accordance With The Amended And Restated Constitution And Bylaws Of The Christian And Missionary Alliance


A Timely Thanksgiving Message from Abe Lincoln

At a time when our nation was deeply divided, President Lincoln called on Americans to observe a special day of thanksgiving, calling on the Holy Spirit to bring reconciliation and restore peace.


20 Quotable Quotes on Thanksgiving

Elevating the Great Giver at Thanksgiving is equally important to elevating the Christ Child at Christmas.


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