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Who is it for?

The Uniform Policy on Licensing and Certification in section E3 of the C&MA Manual requires that "All candidates for licensed ministry must provide evidence that they have successfully completed a course in Alliance Polity and distinctives as approved by Church Ministries." This course is for candidates for licensing who have not graduated from an Alliance institution or Alliance graduates who have not taken a formal course in Alliance Polity.

What does it do?

The Alliance Polity course enables a licensed worker to provide competent pastoral leadership and care for a local C&MA congregation so that it fulfills its biblical purpose, including participation locally, regionally, and internationally in the Alliance's global mission. The course also imparts the vision and core values of the C&MA, and familiarizes new workers with the significance and history of the C&MA to the worldwide Christian movement.

What do candidates need for the course?

Everything needed is contained within the online course location, or accessed from links on the site, so there is no need to purchase additional textbooks or resources. A candidate will need access to a computer or mobile computing device with internet access. 95% of the course can be completed using any standard Windows or Mac-based browser with QuickTime plug-in, including on an iPhone or iPad (due to publisher's restrictions, certain files in Module 3 are available only in Flash). A printer is helpful for some sections, but not required.

Modules 1 & 2 include significant portions of the CMA-DNA video clips. Candidates (especially those with slower internet connections) may prefer to purchase or borrow the Alliance CORE Values DVDs for Module 1 and the Four-Fold Gospel DVD for use during their study in Module 2.

What's in the course?

The online course has four Modules, each module having three to four Units of study. The Modules are:


  • Unit 1: Introduction & Finding Lost People
  • Unit 2: Prayer - Our Primary Work & It's All God's
  • Unit 3: God's Word - The Key to all Success & Mobilizing Devoted Disciples
  • Unit 4: Holy Spirit Empowerment & Faith-filled Risks


  • Unit 1: Christ Our Savior
  • Unit 2: Christ Our Sanctifier
  • Unit 3: Christ Our Healer
  • Unit 4: Christ Our Coming King


  • Unit 1: Biblical Basis of Missions
  • Unit 2: Alliance Distinctives in Missions
  • Unit 3: Alliance History of Missions


  • Unit 1: The Local Alliance Church
  • Unit 2: Districts in the Alliance
  • Unit 3: National-level Ministries of the Alliance
  • Unit 4: International & Multicultural Ministries of the Alliance

In addition to other assignments, the course guides the candidate in completing and submitting six position papers, which may be submitted to fulfill ordination/consecration requirments.

How does it work?

The course uses a variety of instructional methods:

  • video and audio segments
  • articles, opinion papers, and historical documents
  • focused online discussions with other candidates and their district mentor
  • interactive question/answer lessons
  • case studies, scenarios, and writing assignments
  • assigned practical activities

How does the district oversee the course?

The district superintendent or LO&CC guides a candidate's study, and will appoint a mentor for them. The district mentor is enrolled in the course along with the candidate, and handles the grading of assignments and projects, answers questions, and provides additional insight in the C&MA. The mentor will forward the results of the required assignments to the district office and advise the superintendent/LO&CC when the candidate has successfully completed the course.

What help is available to the mentor in their role as advisor and evaluator?

The mentor has full access to all of the resources, assignments, lessons and course materials that the candidate uses, as well as to the discussion forums and grade-book. A separate, mentor-only resources section is under development. It will provide lesson-by-lesson instructions, rubrics for evaluating assignments, additional guidelines for projects, and a video introduction to each module.

How do candidates sign up to take the course?

Ordering the course is done online through the National office registration system. Online payment is through credit card or PayPal.

When a candidate signs up for the course, the candidate and their district-appointed mentor will receive (by email) a username and temporary password for the Church Ministries learning site ( They will also be automatically enrolled in all four Modules of the course.Please Note: Registration requires a credit card. If you have any questions please call Cara Roberts at (719) 265-2116.

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What is the cost?

Cost of the online course is $100.00

Quick Guide to the Alliance Polity Course

The information contained on this page is available as a PDF download.



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