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Ministry Partnerships facilitates strategic relationships between North American Alliance churches and Alliance workers overseas. International partners benefit as others join their vision and support them personally, spiritually, and financially. Local Alliance churches benefit as their members and leaders discover ways to participate in God’s work around the world.

Why Partner?

  • to assist international workers in accomplishing Kingdom and field objectives
  • to mobilize and revitalize a passion for missions in the North American church
  • to personalize missions involvement

What’s Involved In a Partnership?

A partnership involves two parties who will benefit from being linked in a relationship. We suggest that both parties initially commit to a three-year partnership. Many partnerships will include some type of written agreement, including the commitments and expectations for each party. It is important at the inception of a partnership that district leaders, field directors, regional directors, and the director for Ministry Partnerships be involved in the communication and development process. Your church leadership also will need to have input in this process. Partnerships are about connecting the mission field and local church through five partnership activities:

  • Partner Care

    As part of a partnership relationship, you will connect with one or more Alliance workers in your target country. You will discover ways to care for their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, both while they are on the field and on home assignment in the United States. We encourage you to find creative ways to do this so that every age group in your church can be involved in this process.

  • Strategic Prayer

    Through ongoing contact with your partners, you’ll discover the spiritual issues and challenges that you can bring before the Father in prayer. You can move past “God bless and protect the missionaries” to a more personal prayer relationship with international workers.

  • Doing Our Share — Financial Resourcing

    Our office is set up to help you figure out how to direct your finances in the most strategic manner to keep your partner “on the ground” and to “fund their ministry vision.” In most cases—there are multiple ways to go about this—allow us to coach you through the process.

  • Going There — Short-Term Trips

    Travel to your partner’s location and work side-by-side on strategic ministry-advancing projects. Additional trips to your partnership country will deepen your heart connection and spiritual understanding of the region.

  • Staying Aware — Ongoing connections

    Receive e-mails, Skype calls, and Facebook updates from the region and your partner. Find ways to take advantage of other technology to stay in contact. Look for opportunities to arrange a Vision Trip for your pastor and key church leaders. Explore times when Alliance international workers from your target region can visit your church. The focus is on building relationships.

How Are Partnerships Formed?

There are several ways that a partnership may form. Some examples are…

Initiated by Alliance Missionaries

  • Speaking engagements during Home Assignment
  • Short-term missions teams that visit their particular field
  • Churches from their home districts

Initiated by a Group of Churches

  • A group of churches that may want to work together to partner
  • A group of churches that already may have relationships with particular fields/and or workers overseas

Initiated by an Individual Church

  • A short-term missions trip to a particular field that sparks an interest in that region
  • Missionaries who have made an impact in the church
  • A desire to make missions more personal

Initiated by a District Missions Mobilizer or the Director for Ministry Partnerships

  • We have ongoing contact with field leaders and Alliance missionaries and workers to identify Kingdom advancing partnerships. District missions mobilizers or the director for Ministry Partnerships are here to help craft the connections best suited to congregations.

How can I partner?

We have many opportunities for partnerships. Regardless of how a partnership may be initiated, it is important to make contact with our office during the process. Contact the Office of Ministry Partnerships by calling (719) 599-5999 for more information. Our office is here to assist you in crafting the perfect partnership for your congregation.

Church Partnerships Discussions

What does your partnership look like? How are you finding ways to live out partner care, strategic prayer, doing our share, going there, or staying aware? Ask a question, we'll share what we know and what we've experienced.


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