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Our Vision

Through the work of our hands and the truth of our speech, we seek to embody the love of Jesus in relationships developed within the professional marketplace.

Our Mission

We assist and facilitate professionals serving Jesus through their vocations in international settings.

Who We Are

Marketplace ministries (mm) is an association of C&MA lay professionals employed in international secular settings. Our primary motivation is to make disciples, establishing them in the local church where possible. Emphasis is upon serving in areas where there is limited access to the gospel.

Primary Objectives

  1. Fully utilize Alliance lay professionals for worldwide evangelization and discipleship in strategic Alliance ministry areas
  2. Challenge North American C&MA people to pursue being effective witnesses for Christ through secular overseas assignments
  3. Identify potential participants and guide them during their preparation and training for overseas service
  4. Facilitate overseas work opportunities in countries where the C&MA has strategic ministry interests, directing individuals to organizations where their professional skills and calling are best utilized
  5. Ensure pastoral care, where possible, for all mm personnel
  6. Provide an accountability structure that requires periodic reporting from and evaluation of each mm member
  7. Offer opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, and interaction among marketplace ministries members before and during their overseas assignments as well as after their work has concluded
  8. Provide opportunities for C&MA people to support the mm strategy


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